Maspul Journal of English Studies (Majesty)
Vol 4 No 2 (2022): English Education

Reading Comprehension and Interactive Multimedia In English Classroom

Andi Sadapotto (Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidenreng Rappang)
Muhammad Hanafi (Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidenreng Rappang)
Hasan Hasan (Universitas Muhammadiyah Enrekang)

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29 Jul 2022


The Article aim is to describe (1) whether or not the use of interactive multimedia improve students reading comprehension in the Eighth-Grade of SMP Negeri 4 Panca Rijang and (2) whether or not the use of interactive multimedia intereststudents’in learning reading comprehension in the Eighth-Grade of SMP Negeri 4 Panca Rijang. This research employed mixed method design that applied experimental and control group. The population of the research was the Eighth Grad estudents of SMP Negeri4 Panca Rijang. Total number of population was 82students and two classes of them were taken as sample by using cluster sampling technique, class VIII.C as experimental group and class VIII.D as control group. The number of each class was 20 students so the total sample of the research was 40 students. The result of data analysis showed that there was significant difference between achievement of the students who used interactive multimedia and those who did not use interactive multimedia (conventional technique) in reading comprehension. It was proved by the mean score of experimental group was higher than control group in post-test (59.35>46.75). Furthermore, the result of the t-test value (3.581) was greater than t-table (α = 0.05;df = 38; t-table = 2.021) which means that H1 was accepted. The data analysis of questionnaire showed that the students had high interest toward the use of interactive multimedia in reading comprehension. It was supported by 4 students (20%) who were strongly interested, 14 students (70%) who were interested and 2 students (10%) who were moderate. The mean score of students’ answers in questionnaire (79.55) was classified as interested category.Based on the data analysis, the researcher concluded that: (1)the application of interactive multimedia enhanced the students’ ability in reading comprehension; (2) the application of interactive multimedia strategy in reading comprehension was interesting for the students.

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