Jurnal Ilmiah Pangabdhi
Vol 8, No 2: Oktober 2022

Pendampingan Kelompok Tani Hutan Desa Panglungan Dalam Pembibitan Porang (Amarphophallus onchophillus Prain)

Purwadi Purwadi (Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Jawa Timur)
Purnomo Edi Sasongko (Unknown)
Ramdan Hidayat (Unknown)

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29 Nov 2022


Panglungan Village located in Wonosalam District, Jombang, with an altitude of 500 m above sea level, an area of 6.89 km2, and a population of 3,381 people. Most of the people's livelihoods rely on forest products such as coffee, durian, and avocado and a small portion come from dry land. The Panglungan Village community is part of the Forest Farmers Group (KTH) “U.D. Abadi Berkah Porang”, started to build porang nurseries, still on a household scale. The purpose of developing nurseries is to create alternative sources of livelihood that can be developed in the Panglungan Village area and its surroundings. Partner problems are 1). Farmers find it difficult to get porang seeds 2). Farmers' skills in Porang nurseries are still lacking 3). Quality porang seeds are not yet available, 4). The role of KTH “U.D. Abadi Berkah Porang” is not yet optimal. The solution to the problem is 1) Producing porang seedlings, 2). Assisting porang nurseries 3). Assistance with porang seed certification, 4). Empowering KTH "Abadi Berkah Porang" to play a role in helping to increase the economic capacity of the community through porang nurseries. The conclusion of community service activities is using seeds from porang seeds, 50 thousand porang seeds planted, assistance in making demonstration plots for purification of the Madiun-1 variety covering an area of 500 m2, the potential for porang nurseries to increase economic capacity is quite promising. Recommendations for future seed development are required to increase the number of seeds to meet other areas.

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