Indonesian Journal of Disability Studies
Vol. 7 No. 2 (2020)

Maternal Barriers in Raising Children with Special Needs in Rural Areas: A Qualitative Study

Cau Kim Jiu (Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Keperawatan Muhammadiyah Pontianak (STIK Muhammadiyah Pontianak))
Pitri Pitri (STIK Muhammadiyah Pontianak)
Kharisma Pratama (STIK Muhammadiyah Pontianak)
Usman Usman (STIK Muhammadiyah Pontianak)
Tutur Kardiatun (STIK Muhammadiyah Pontianak)

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30 Nov 2020


It is not easy for mothers living in rural areas to raise children with special needs because various obstacles arise from both within and outside the family. This study aimed to explore various obstacles for mothers in raising children with special needs, especially in rural areas. The research design used in this study was descriptive qualitative. The sample in this study consisted of 55 mothers who were selected using purposive sampling method. Data collection was carried out through semi-structured face-to-face interviews and through focus group discussions. The data collected in this study was then analyzed using thematic analysis. There are 3 themes generated in this research including 1) family perception, 2) financials, and 3) access to health care services. Information obtained from this research can provide solutions for families to overcome or get out from the existing barriers and provide information to the government to provide health services to families with children with special needs in rural areas.

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