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Vol. 2 No. 1 (2023): II

Bisnis Maskapai Niaga Era Sebelum UU Penerbangan Nmr 1 Th 2009

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30 Jan 2023


Under the previous aviation regulations before year 2009, scheduled commercial airlines had to own five aircraft and control five aircraft. Whereas in the new rules, airlines only have to own one unit of aircraft and control two units of aircraft. With the new rules, the initial investment for the establishment of a scheduled commercial airline was drastically reduced. Meanwhile, with the new rules, the initial investment for aircraft for the first year is reduced to only around IDR 3 trillion for new jets. It can be cheaper if you use old planes or turboprops. Working Capital other than aircraft such as human resources, systems, other facilities and infrastructure as well as initial administration costs can also be cheaper because the business capacity is smaller. This provision is indeed in accordance with the Government's desire to stimulate investment in scheduled commercial airlines for passengers with AOC 121 (aircraft with 30 seats or more). Considering that in the last 10-15 years, almost no new airlines have appeared. In fact, many airlines have gone bankrupt, such as Adam Air, Batavia Air, Mandala Tiger, Kalstar, Sky Aviation, Riau Airlines, Linus Airways, Merpati and several others. Currently, aviation business in Indonesia are controlled by four airline groups, namely Garuda Group (Garuda and Citilink), Lion Group (Lion, Batik, Wings), Sriwijaya Group (Sriwijaya and NAM) and Indonesia AirAsia. Only 12 airlines of this type remain, out of around 30 airlines registered since 1997. Lion Group and Garuda Group are the two largest with a total market share of more than 80 percent. Before years of 2000 we have baout 15 scheduled airlines . Plus Kartika airline , Mandala air,Batavia air,Linus air, Merpati air at that era of 2000. This aviation deregulation recalls the 1999-2000 era when the government also deregulated and relaxed investment rules. This resulted in the emergence of many new airlines such as Lion, Adam, Sriwijaya, Batavia and others. The public really seems to be spoiled by the price of airplane tickets which can be very cheap, cheaper than train or bus tickets on the same route. Unfortunately the appearance of these airlines did not last long. In just 10-15 years, they have fallen again for various reasons, both safety and business reasons. As a result, it has an impact on losses for travel agents, airline employees and passengers who have ordered tickets and other related businesses. Apart from that, what is more worrying is that the level of national aviation safety has also dropped sharply After of someterrible accident of aircrash and all Airlines indonesia banned to fly enter Europe , finally at year 2009 Indonesia goverment launched Aviation Law nbr.1 year 2009 to reduce strong complaint and t0 increase safety level . Keyword : aviation law, Safety , service quality , banned cheap Price of air ticket

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