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Vol 6 No 1 (2023): Journal On Education: Volume 6 Nomor 1 Tahun 2023

The Analysis of The Influence Work Experience and Work Culture on Performance of Islamic School Teachers.

Suwarsito Suwarsito (Universitas Bina Sarana Informatika)
Stellamaris Metekohy (Universitas Pattimura)
Nersiwad Nersiwad (Universitas Islam Majapahit)
Nur Alam (STIE Mujahidin Tolitoli)
Muh. Risal Tawil (Politeknik Baubau)

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24 May 2023


This form of investigation employs a quantitative methodology. The method of gathering data takes the form of a survey. The participants in the study were educators, with a total of 20 teachers. The findings of the analysis indicated that the workplace culture has a noteworthy impact on teacher performance, accounting for 35.3%. Conversely, work experience was found to have no significant effect on teacher performance, contributing only 72%. It is important to note that to acquire good work experience, a teacher must possess the necessary skills and knowledge. The research also revealed that there is a significant correlation between work culture and work experience on teacher performance, contributing 35.8%. To enhance teacher performance, it is recommended that teachers cultivate a sense of enthusiasm and dedication when implementing the established school culture and acquire knowledge that aligns with their educational background

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