Indigenous: Jurnal Ilmiah Psikologi
Vol. 8, No. 1, Mei 2006


Husnawati, Aula Sari (Unknown)
Nur Anganthi, Nisa Rachmah (Unknown)
partini, partini (Unknown)

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01 May 2007


Every normal people basically wants to be useful and has value for himself, his family, and his society. They describe basic desire from human being, that is desire to have meaningful life. The meaningful life will give effects happiness, and if the desire can not be fulfilling, it will give effect like disappointed life and unmeaningful life, and if this condition always happens, it will make so many feelings and adaption that will hamper his self-development and the self-value. Praying is one of the methods that can be used to open someone’s mind about the potential values and the meaningful life inside and outside. Khidmat and Khusyu’ praying actually can bring peace, stable and able to endure, and also it causes feeling as if he got guidance to do important things. So, he can live in religion way that will give him happiness and meaning. Hifdzul Qur’an (memorizing Al Qur’an) is one of the praying shape so it can open someone’s mind about potential values and the meaningful life inside and outsideThe aims of this reasearch are to understand and describe clearly about the dimension of meaningful life for Hafidzul Qur’an. The informan of this research are 2 person who can memorize 30 juz of Al Qur’an, male and female, and have reminded for 1 year. The collecting data methods are interview and observation, and the data analysis used descriptive analysis. Based on the analysis, can be conclused that the comprehending of life meaningfully for the hafidzul qur’an always can be fulfilling by life experiences with development and actualization of the potention that someone’s has., especially by hifdzul Qur’an activity, the life goal in the world or in the here-after, also the implementation of religion values and human values in the lifetime. 

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