Jurnal Farmasi Klinik Indonesia
Vol 4, No 2 (2015)

Evaluasi Nilai Antigen Squamous Cell Carcinoma Pasien Kanker Serviks Sel Skuamosa Stadium II B–III B yang Menerima Kemoterapi Bleomisin, Oncovin®, Mitomisin, dan Cisplatin

Noviyani, Rini (Unknown)
Suwiyoga, Ketut (Unknown)
Puspa, Intan (Unknown)
Budiana, Nyoman (Unknown)
Tunas, Ketut (Unknown)

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11 Jun 2015


Kemoterapi Bleomisin, Oncovin®, Mitomisin, dan Cisplatin (BOMP) merupakan salah satu tatalaksana terapi untuk kanker serviks. Penelitian ini bertujuan mengevaluasi respons kemoterapi regimen BOMP pada pasien kanker serviks sel skuamosa stadium IIB–IIIB dengan antigen SCC. Pada penelitian potong lintang prospective ini diperoleh 12 pasien kanker serviks yang memenuhi kriteria inklusi yang diambil dengan metode consecutive sampling. Pemeriksaan kadar antigen SCC dilakukan dengan cara mengambil darah pasien sebelum kemoterapi BOMP seri pertama dan sesudah kemoterapi BOMP seri ketiga kemudian diperiksa dengan alat ARCHITECT SCC assay. Data dianalisis menggunakan paired test dengan interval kepercayaan 95%. Terdapat penurunan rerata nilai antigen SCC pada penderita kanker serviks tipe sel skuamosa setelah tiga seri kemoterapi BOMP meskipun penurunan tersebut tidak bermakna secara statistik (p>0,05). Perbedaan yang tidak bermakna secara statistik ini mungkin disebabkan kurangnya jumlah pasien yang digunakan. Hasil penelitian ini dapat digunakan oleh dokter sebagai pertimbangan untuk melanjutkan kemoterapi BOMP hingga seri keenam sesuai dengan prosedur yang diberlakukan dengan pemantauan rutin terhadap kondisi pasien khususnya nilai antigen SCC untuk untuk memprediksi prognosis dan respons kemoterapi.Kata kunci: Antigen SCC, BOMP, kanker serviks sel skuamosa, kemoterapi, stadium IIB–IIIBEvaluation of Squamous Cell Carcinoma Antigen Value in Stadium IIB–IIIB Squamous Cell Cervical Cancer Patients which Receiving Bleomycin, Oncovin®, Mitomycin, and Cisplatin ChemotherapyBleomycin, Oncovin®, mitomycin, and cisplatin (BOMP) chemotherapy is one of the management of cervical cancer therapy. The aim of this study was to evaluate the response to BOMP chemotherapy regimens in patients squamous cell cervical cancer stage IIB-IIIB using SCC antigen. In this prospective cross sectional study was obtained 12 cervical cancer patients who met the inclusion criteria, which is taken by using consecutive sampling method. Examination of SCC antigen levels was conducted by taking a patient’s blood before the first series and after the third series of BOMP chemotherapy, then further examined by ARCHITECT SCC assay. Data were analyzed using paired test with 95% confidence intervals. Statistical analysis showed that there were a decrease in the average value of SCC antigen in patients with squamous cell cervical cancer types after 3 series of BOMP chemotherapy although this reduction was not statistically significant (p>0.05). The differences are not statistically significant is probably due to insufficient number of patients used in this study. The doctor may consider to continue chemotherapy until the sixth series in accordance with the procedures by routine monitoring of the patient’s condition, especially SCC antigen values for predicting the prognosis and response of chemotherapy.Key words: BOMP, chemotherapy, SCC antigen, squamous cell of cervical cancer, stadium IIB–IIIB

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