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Relationship Strategy Family Coping With Quality Of Life In Elderly Post Stroke Limansyah, Dodik; Sahar, Junaiti; Sukihananto, Sukihananto
Journal Of Nursing Practice Vol. 2 No. 1 (2018): Journal Of Nursing Practice
Publisher : Institut Ilmu Kesehatan STRADA Indonesia

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Background: Stroke is the highest cause of death in urban areas, one of the regions in Indonesia with stroke exceeds the national rate is the city of Pontianak. Purpose : This study aims to determine the relationship of family coping strategies to the quality of life of elderly post-stroke in the city of Pontianak. Methods : Analytical research design correlation with cross sectional approach. sampling in total sampling with respondents amounted to 58 respondents. The sample of this study was post-stroke elderly and family members as caregiver or primary outpatient who treated elderly with post stroke. Result : The results of multiple linear regression analysis or anova test (f test) with p value = 0.001 (<0.05) indicating that there is a significant relationship between social support, reframing, seeking and receiving, passive income and income with the quality of life of the elderly post stroke. Conclusion : Social support is a dominant element of coping strategy. The role of community nurses is needed to support family caregivers in providing social support to post-stroke elderly.
Health Education Using Booklet and Diary Media on the Self-Efficacy of Housewives with Hypertension Rasdiyanah, Rasdiyanah; Wiarsih, Wiwin; Sukihananto, Sukihananto
Publisher : Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

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ABSTRACTHealth education is one of intervention strategies in nursing. Optimization in its implementation requires media support, health promotion media that can be used are booklet and diary. Booklet provides more information and diary records daily activities. This research aimed to identify the effect of health education using booklet and diary on the self-efficacy of housewives with hypertension in Depok. This quasi experimental research used pre-post design with control group. The sampling technique used non probability sampling with consecutive sampling method. The total of samples were 66 respondents. Data were collected using an Indonesian version of the High Blood Pressure – Self Care Profile and analyzed using descriptive statistics. The result of independent t test showed significant effect in the mean of self-efficacy value after health education using booklet and diary (p value = 0.002 0.05). In conclusion, health education using booklet and diary media could increase the self-efficacy of housewives. This health education needs to be applied to clients with hypertension to increase self-efficacy in conducting self-management.                                                ABSTRAKPendidikan kesehatan merupakan salah satu strategi intervensi dalam keperawatan. Optimalisasi dalam pelaksanaannya  memerlukan dukungan  media, media promosi kesehatan yang dapat digunakan diantaranya adalah booklet  dan diary. Booklet memuat lebih banyak informasi dan diary mencatat aktivitas sehari-hari. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengidentifikasi pengaruh pendidikan kesehatan menggunakan booklet dan diary terhadap efikasi diri ibu rumah tangga dengan hipertensi di Kota Depok. Penelitian quasi eksperiment ini menggunakan pre-post design with control group. Teknik sampling menggunakan non probability sampling dengan metode consecutive sampling. Total sampel sebanyak 66 responden. Data dikumpulkan menggunakan versi Indonesia High Blood Pressure – Self Care Profile dan dianalisis menggunakan statistik deskriptif. Hasil Independent t test menunjukkan pengaruh signifikan pada rata-rata nilai efikasi diri setelah pendidikan kesehatan menggunakan booklet dan diary (p value= 0,002 0,05). Sebagai kesimpulan bahwa pendidikan kesehatan menggunakan booklet dan diary dapat meningkatkan efikasi diri ibu rumah tangga. Pendidikan kesehatan ini perlu diterapkan pada klien dengan hipertensi untuk meningkatkan keyakinan diri dalam melakukan manajemen diri. 
Nurse Perceptions and Satisfaction of Assessments Competencies Process: A Cross Sectional Study Hariyati, Rr.Tutik Sri; Handiyani, Hanny; Setyowati, Setyowati; Sukihananto, Sukihananto; Purwaningsih, Sri; Sugihasih, Sugihasih
Jurnal Keperawatan Soedirman Vol 15, No 1 (2020)
Publisher : Jurusan Keperawatan FIKES UNSOED

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Professional Competency is a topic of great issues in care and practice, particularly health care disciplines such as nursing. Nursing competence is the ability to demonstrate knowledge, skill, professional attitude and ability to take a clinical decision practice. The purpose of the study was explored nurse perception of a competencies assessment process. Data were collected using a questionnaire and involved a proportional random sample of 410 nurses practitioner.  They were analyzed using descriptive statistical methods: mean, median and standard deviation. Result: Many nurses not satisfied taken assessment competencies using examination approach and summative by assessor (mean: 48.07, SD: 4.7, CI: 47.6-48.52) and  education background correlated significant with satisfaction, in while BN has lower satisfaction than Diploma (Dip:48.35; BN:47.1; p=0.18)  Conclusion and Implication: many nurses felt unsatisfied using examination and summative assessment approach and better for management to evaluate of process and improve assessment competency process. Ongoing professional performance evaluation (OPPE) can be developed to improve the competency evaluation