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Segmentasi Citra Digital Objek Hasil Pengamatan In Situ Localization Gen gfp pada Tanaman Transforman Atqiya, Firas; Ihsani, Nisa; Sholahuddin, Muhammad Rizqi; Dwivany, Fenny Martha; Suhandono, Sony
Jurnal Pendidikan Multimedia (Edsence) Volume 1 No 2 (Desember 2019)
Publisher : Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI)

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Penelitian berbasis biomolekuler membutuhkan beragam penggunaan perangkat lunak pengolah data. Salah satunya yaitu kebutuhan perangkat lunak yang mampu mengolah data citra digital pada proses segmentasi warna. Dalam penelitian biomolekuler, segmentasi warna dapat digunakan untuk menganalisis pendaran warna hijau sebagai hasil ekspresi gen gfp. Gen pelapor ini banyak digunakan dalam proses rekayasa genetik tumbuhan maupun hewan yaitu: memonitor ekspresi gen, in situ localization, biosensor, physiological indicators, dan studi interaksi protein. Sinar UV pada panjang gelombang eksitasi 450-490 nm dapat diserap dan diemisikan oleh molekul protein GFP sebagai warna hijau. Adanya pendaran hijau tersebut diharapkan hanya muncul sebagai penanda terekspresinya gen gfp. Namun demikian, pada sampel tumbuhan terkandung senyawa metabolit sekunder yang dapat menyerap dan mengemisikan sinar UV sebagai warna hijau. Adanya warna hijau selain hasil ekspresi gen gfp ini tentunya dapat menyebabkan hasil analisis in situ localization menjadi bias. Oleh karena itu, diperlukan teknik pengolahan citra digital yang mampu memilah warna hijau hasil ekspresi gen gfp dan warna hijau dari emisi senyawa metabolit tumbuhan. Tujuan  penelitian  ini  adalah untuk memisahkan objek hasil ekspresi gen gfp pada citra digital jagung transforman dengan warna hijau yang diemisikan oleh senyawa metabolit sekunder jagung menggunakan pengolahan citra digital. Proses yang digunakan adalah color filtering, thresholding, dan Canny edge detection. Hasil penelitian yang diperoleh berupa citra yang mengandung citra objek hasil ekspresi gen gfp yang telah tersegmentasi pada sayatan melintang akar jagung transforman.
Penerapan Konsep Finite State Automata (FSA) pada Aplikasi Simulasi Vending Machine Yoghurt Walagri Suharsih, Ririn; Atqiya, Firas
Jurnal Pendidikan Multimedia (Edsence) Volume 1 No 2 (Desember 2019)
Publisher : Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI)

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Language theory and automata is a theory that related to abstract machines which in there is Finite State Automata. FSA can be implemented in design of a vending machine. Vending machines in Indonesia operate mostly with products such as canned drinks, plastic bottles, coffee, snacks, and tickets. This research discuss about simulating application design of Walagri Yoghurt vending machine, a yoghurt produced by Biotechnology Departement at the University of Muhammadiyah Bandung, based on the implementation of Finite State Automata. The conclusion obtained in this study is that Finite State Automata can be used as a basic logic for making vending machine simulations.
CodinGame sebagai Alat Bantu Latihan Pemrograman Berbasis Penyelesaian Tantangan Sholahuddin, Muhammad Rizqi; Atqiya, Firas
Jurnal Pendidikan Multimedia (Edsence) Volume 3 No 1 (Juni 2021)
Publisher : Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI)

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Pemrograman adalah salah satu keterampilan yang harus sering dilatih di kalangan mahasiswa bidang ilmu komputer dan sejenisnya. Paper ini akan membahas mengenai penggunaan CodinGame sebagai alat bantu berlatih pemrograman. CodinGame merupakan platform dengan model game-based programming. Platform ini dibekali banyak fitur yang mendukung penggunanya untuk dapat berlatih secara mandiri. Terdapat banyak tantangan yang dapat dipilih pengguna untuk berlatih pemrograman. Hasil evaluasi menunjukkan bahwa pengguna merasa tertarik dan termotivasi untuk menggunakan platform CodinGame. Selain itu, pengguna juga merasa terbantu dalam berlatih pemrograman di platform ini sehingga pengguna merasa lebih termotivasi untuk berlatih pemrograman.
Sistem Tanya Jawab Konsultasi Shalat Berbasis RASA Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Sholahuddin, Muhammad Rizqi; Atqiya, Firas
Jurnal Pendidikan Multimedia (Edsence) Volume 3 No 2 (Desember 2021)
Publisher : Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI)

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A chatbot is an intelligent system that provides users with direct interaction with machines via written media. This paper describes how to use chatbots to ask questions about prayer procedures. A Muslim sometimes has questions about the procedure for praying when he finds a difference between the procedures performed by other Muslims. In this case, the use of chatbots is to provide an explanation. This chatbot was developed using a deep learning model, especially LSTM, that was integrated with the RASA framework. LSTM (Long Short Term Memory) can efficiently save some of the needed memory while also removing some of the unnecessary memory. The Telegram platform was chosen for the chatbot's implementation. The results showed that the chatbot telegram prayer consultation with DIET Classifier and RASA was able to recognize questions and provide answers in the form of text and images, with 96 percent accuracy.
Google Data Studio Implementation for Visualizing West Java Province Toddler Stunting Data Muhammad Rizqi Sholahuddin; Firas Atqiya; Husna Faridah; Nuri Nurianti
The IJICS (International Journal of Informatics and Computer Science) Vol 6, No 2 (2022): July 2022
Publisher : STMIK Budi Darma

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One of the world's most critical nutritional issues, stunting is particularly prevalent in impoverished and emerging nations, including Indonesia. West Java is one of the provinces having a relatively high proportion of children with stunted growth. This study intends to conduct data visualization about the number of stunted children under the age of five in each West Java city or district. The data visualization is an interactive dashboard with several interconnected charts that was created using Google Data Studio. This is intended to aid the analysis of the distribution of stunting among children under the age of five in West Java by city and district from 2014 to 2021. Open Data Jabar is the source of the data used to create the visualization of data on toddlers with stunting in West Java. The result of this research is a dashboard that can be facilitate data analysis process. From the dashboard, we can determine that the total number of cases of toddler stunting in West Java reduced between 2014 and 2021. Despite an increase in the number of instances between 2019 and 2020, the number of cases has reduced again in 2021
Automatic model transformation on multi-platform system development with model driven architecture approach Aila Gema Safitri; Firas Atqiya
Computer Science and Information Technologies Vol 3, No 3: November 2022
Publisher : Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science

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Several difficulties commonly arise during the software development process. Among them are the lengthy technical process of developing a system, the limited number and technical capabilities of human resources, the possibility of bugs and errors during the testing and implementation phase, dynamic and frequently changing user requirements, and the need for a system that supports multi-platforms. Rapid application development (RAD) is the software development life cycle (SDLC) that emphasizes the production of a prototype in a short amount of time (30-90 days). This study discovered that implementing a model-driven architecture (MDA) approach into the RAD method can accelerate the model design and prototyping stages. The goal is to accelerate the SDLC process. It took roughly five weeks to construct the system by applying all of the RAD stages. This time frame does not include iteration and the cutover procedure. During the prototype test, there were no errors with the create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) procedure. It was demonstrated that automatic transformation in MDA can shorten the RAD phases for designing the model and developing an early prototype, reduce code errors in standard processes like CRUD, and construct a system that supports multi-platform.
Implementasi Sistem Identifikasi Senjata Real Time Menggunakan YOLOv7 dan Notifikasi Chat Telegram Muhammad Rizqi Sholahuddin; Firas Atqiya; Sri Ratna Wulan; Maisevli Harika; Sofy Fitriani; Yusuf Sofyan
Journal of Information System Research (JOSH) Vol 4 No 2 (2023): January 2023
Publisher : Forum Kerjasama Pendidikan Tinggi (FKPT)

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This research produces an application that can send automatic notifications in the form of a chat on the Telegram platform when a weapon object is detected on CCTV. This application was created utilizing computer vision technology and artificial intelligence, in particular YOLOv7. As demonstrated by the mAP@0.5 value of 0.837 after 50 epochs of training, this application can detect weapon objects such as people, pistols, and knives with a reasonable degree of accuracy. This application is also linked to the telepot library, which enables it to send chats on the Telegram platform. These applications can aid in enhancing security and safety in a variety of environments and have numerous practical applications in fields such as public safety, law enforcement, and others. However, there are still deficiencies in this study that can be addressed in future research, such as the small number of training epochs and the size of the dataset.