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Simple supercapacitor charging scheme of an electric vehicle on small-scale hardware simulator: a prototype development for education purpose Adnan Rafi Al Tahtawi; Arief Syaichu Rohman
Journal of Mechatronics, Electrical Power and Vehicular Technology Vol 7, No 2 (2016)
Publisher : National Research and Innovation Agency

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Supercapacitor is one of electrical energy sources that have faster charging-discharging times when compared to other power sources, such as battery and fuel cell. Therefore, it is often used as an additional power source in an electric vehicle. In this paper, a prototype of small-scale electric vehicle simulator (EVS) is built and a simple charging scheme of supercapacitor is used for education purpose. EVS is an electric vehicle prototype which can show the vehicle’s powertrain on small-scale configuration. Main components of this device are two direct current motors (DCMs) with a linked axis of rotation. Therefore one of them will be able to act as a generator. The supercapacitor charging scheme is employed by controlling the relays. The hardware experimental result shows that the averages of charging current are proportional to the maximum slope angle of the road profiles. This scheme is simple due to the EVS utility and it is useful for education purpose.
Detektor Dini Kebakaran Multisensor Terintegrasi Android Menggunakan Komunikasi Bluetooth Maulana Hasan; Adnan Rafi Al Tahtawi
Jurnal Teknologi dan Sistem Komputer Volume 6, Issue 2, Year 2018 (April 2018)
Publisher : Department of Computer Engineering, Engineering Faculty, Universitas Diponegoro

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This research aims to design fire early warning system using Arduino and Android with Bluetooth communication. The system is constructed using three sensors which are KY-026 flame detector, DS18B20 temperature sensor, and MQ-07 gas sensor. The communication used HC-05 Bluetooth module to send sensor data from Arduino to Android. Testing results show that Arduino through Bluetooth communication able to send sensor data to Android within range of 20 cm with no obstacle condition and range of 10 cm if there exists the obstacle. The system will send ‘normal’ status to Android when fulfilled this conditions: flame sensor value less than 200, temperatures less than 30°C, and gas levels less than 300 ppm. There are seven other conditions that contain ‘warning’ and ‘danger’ data if those condition above not fulfilled.
Design and Implementation of PID Control-based FSM Algorithm on Line Following Robot Adnan Rafi Al Tahtawi; Yoyo Somantri; Erik Haritman
JTERA (Jurnal Teknologi Rekayasa) Vol 1, No 1: December 2016
Publisher : Politeknik Sukabumi

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Finite State Machine (FSM) is a control system methodology that describes system’s behavior using three things, namely: state, event, and action. On a program, the system would be in one active state. The system can switch or move to another state if it gets a certain input or event.  In this paper, FSM based on Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controller algorithm will be implemented on line follower robot. PID controller is one of system control methods that many used recently. FSM based on PID controller is implemented to keep robot tracking the line trajectory as well. The test result shows that designed algorithm can work well and can be used as a based algorithm of this robot.