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Level Of Knowledge Of Sports Injury Using PRICES Method On Physical Education Students Rizki Kurniati; Epi Supriyani Siregar; Bogy Restu Ilahi
Kinestetik : Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Jasmani Vol 6 No 1 (2022): MARET (ACCREDITED SINTA 3)
Publisher : UNIB Press

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The purpose of this study was to determine the knowledge of physical education students about sports injuries using the PRICES method at UPMI Medan. This research is a descriptive study, with data collection techniques using survey methods. The research instrument uses a knowledge test in the form of true-false. The population in this study was 40 students of the Physical Education Program. The data analysis technique used descriptive with percentage. The results showed that: very high category of 22.50% (9 people), high category of 35% (14 people), moderate category of 25% (10 people), low category of 13% (5 people), and very low by 5% (2 people). These results can be concluded that the knowledge of physical education program students about early handling of sports injuries using the PRICES (Protect Rest Ice Compression Elevation Support) method at UPMI Medan is in the high category.
Peningkatan Kemampuan Motorik Kasar Dengan Modifikasi Permainan Bola Voli Siswa Tunagrahita Ringan Luthfie Lufthansa; Hendi Imam Fadoli; Laila Nur Rohmah; Rizki Kurniati; Bertika Kusuma Prastiwi; Agus Anis Riyanto
Jurnal MensSana Vol 7 No 2 (2022): Jurnal MensSana
Publisher : Pusat Kajian Pendidikan Olahraga, Kesehatan, dan Rekreasi Jurusan Pendidikan Olahraga Fakultas Ilmu Keolahragaan Universitas Negeri Padang

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One way that mild mentally retarded children have good gross motor skills and perform good movement activities is through adaptive physical education learning with game modifications. Therefore, it is necessary to make modifications to the volleyball game that can improve gross motor skills. The method used is research & development by Borg & Gall. The instrument used is an assessment using 2 scales consisting of according to the value of 1 (one) and not in accordance with the value of 0 (zero). Where this assessment is assessed by homeroom teachers, learning experts and volleyball experts. With a small group trial subject, namely class IV students, totaling 10 students. While the subject of the large group trial, namely students in grades V-VI, totaled 23 students. The product of this development is a game modification for mild mentally retarded children which contains 8 models of the "Moka Monan" game modification, namely: (1) Strategy Formulation, (2) Reading Strategy, (3) Defense Formation, (4) Attacking Formation, (5 ) Making Enemy Traps, (6) War Training, (7) Arms Training, (8) Joint Training. The results of the assessment of gross motor skills by learning experts, volleyball experts and teachers obtained an average result of 88.