Sutrisno Sadji Evenddy
Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University

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An Analysis of Phrasal Verbs in Subtitles of Sherlock – A Study in Pink Sutrisno Sadji Evenddy; Welliam Hamer; Dhafid Wahyu Utomo; Hayun Hamdalah
Journal of English Education Studies Vol 3 No 1 (2020)
Publisher : Universitas Mathla'ul Anwar Banten

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The objective of this research is to describe the types and semantic distinctions of phrasal verb found in subtitles of TV-Series: Sherlock – A Study in Pink. The researchers used content analysis as research method and coding to collect data. The data sources of this research are phrasal verbs in subtitles of TV-Series: Sherlock A Study in Pink. This research used 3 steps in analyzing the data; data condensation, data display, drawing and verifying conclusions. Further, the researcher used investigator triangulation to verify and validate the data. As a result, there are 3 types of phrasal verbs found :intransitive, transitive-separable, and transitive-inseparable phrasal verbs. There are 30 data classified into intransitive phrasal verb, 23 data classified into transitive-separable phrasal verbs, and 5 data classified into transitive-inseparable phrasal verbs. The last, based on the analysis of semantic distinctions of phrasal verbs, it is found that there are 3 semantic distinctions of phrasal verbs, those are free idiomatic, semi idiomatic, and highly idiomatic phrasal verbs. There are 13 data classified into free idiomatic phrasal verbs, 22 data classified into semi idiomatic phrasal verbs, and 23 data classified into highly idiomatic phrasal verbs.
Datokarama English Education Journal Vol. 4 No. 1 (2023): June
Publisher : English Tadris Department, Tarbiyah and Teacher Training Faculty, Datokarama State Islamic University Palu

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This research purpose was to determine the influence of short story narrative text on students’ vocabulary mastery at the 10th grade of SMAN 1 PETIR. This research was done by true-experimental with random sampling. The population of this research was all of the first-grade high school students in Banten province, consisting of 350 students. The researcher used two classes, X MIPA 4 as the experimental and X MIPA 5 as the control class. Both classes consisted of 35 students. In obtaining the data, the researcher used multiple-choice questions as instruments. Try out was conducted as the first step to get the data. After conducting the tryout, the researcher gave a pre-test in both classes. The researcher gave the treatment in the experimental class using Short Story Animation as a media, and in the control class, the discussion method used a module. The result of the calculation by Independent T-test found that (0,002 < 0,005), which means the hypothesis alternative (Ha) is accepted. The effectiveness of using Short Story Animation Narrative Text can be seen in the ability obtained after the treatment.
Implementation of Collaborative Writing by Using Padlet to Improve Writing Descriptive Text Pertiwi Putri Utami; Wieka Barathayomi; Sutrisno Sadji Evenddy
Journal of Linguistics, Literacy, and Pedagogy Vol 1, No 1: Mei 2022
Publisher : English Department - Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa

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The research aims to know the learning process of writing descriptive text using collaborative writing and Padlet and the improvement of writing descriptive text using collaborative writing and Padlet. The researcher used a qualitative-quantitative approach with classroom action research, collaborated with an English teacher from SMAN 24 Kabupaten Tangerang. The participants in this research were 18 students from class 10 IPS 4 at SMAN 24 Kabupaten Tangerang. The action research was conducted in two cycles, with steps from planning, action, observing, and reflecting. To obtain the data, the researcher used observation sheets, documentation, and written test. The result of the research showed that there was an improvement in students’ writing results after conducting collaborative writing by using Padlet. The total presentation of students who pass the passing grade was improved from 38.89% in the pre-test, 55.50% in post-test cycle 1, to 83.33% in post-test cycle 2. While for the mean score of the class, also improved from 63.11 in the pre-test, 68.17 in cycle 1, to 80.50 in cycle 2.