Vol 12, No 01 (2018): Akademika

ISLAM YANG TOLERAN Membedah Pemikiran Terdalam Prof. Dr. KH. Muhammad Tholhah Hasan

Zainal Anshari (Institut Agama Islam Negeri(IAIN) Jember)
Ahmad Hanif Fahruddin (Program Studi Pendidikan Agama Islam Universitas Islam Lamongan)

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04 Jun 2018


Abstract: Talking about religious tolerance in Indonesia is not something new. Because, in Indonesia religious tolerance has been been well-preserved for a long time. However, there have been strong indications of "involvement" of foreign parties willing to intervene in the country lately. So that the long-standing tolerance for tens or even hundreds of years has likely met disturbances that "pollute" religious tolerance in Indonesia as explained by Prof. Muhammad Tholhah Hasan in his book, "Multicultural Education as an Option of Preventing Radicalism". Likewise in some works of the cleric who once served as Minister of Religious Affairs in the era of Gus Dur. However, there were several criticisms of the Tolchah Hasan’s work, for example; 1). The theme of Indonesian Islam so-called as Islam Nusantara, no longer leads to the so-called Islam Rahmatan Lil Alamin, because Indonesian Islam or Nusantara Islam has so far become a manifestation of Islam Rahmatan Lil Alamin itself, 2). The work is actually a reflection material from a large amount of data on scientific references and developments in newspapers and television shows as well as inadequate field data directly, 3). The work actually really deserves to be a reference to Indonesian Islamic thought, it's just that the standards of scientific research have not been used completely, for example using a systematic writing methodology, having clear informants, having a clear research location and various other scientific research standards.Keywords: Islam, tolerance, Muhammad Tholhah Hasan

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