Jurnal Ilmiah Satyagraha
Vol 3, No 2 (2020)

Analisis Tingkat Kesehatan Lembaga Perkreditan Desa (Lpd) Desa Pakraman Gegelang Kecamatan Manggis Kabupaten Karangasem

Putri Anggreni (Universitas Mahendradatta)
Putu Ari Mulyani (Universitas Mahendradatta)
Ni Luh Sri Parwati (Universitas Mahendradatta)

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20 Aug 2020


The Village Credit Institutions  (LPD) is one of the financial institutions that are included in the category of non-bank financial institutions in every Pakraman village in the province of Bali. The purpose of this Researcher is to find out whether the Village Institute of Pakraman Gegelang, Manggis District, Karangasem Regency can achieve a healthy predicate or not by using guidelines or references in the Provincial Regulation of Bali Province No.4 of 2012 concerning the second amendment to the Provincial Regulation of Bali Province No.8 years 2002. This study uses descriptive methods because it tries to solve existing problems, data collection techniques used are observation, documentation, and interviews. The documentation method used in this study uses books, regulations, and other documents such as: Financial Reports and the Work Plan of the Pakraman Gegelang Village Credit Institution. The data analysis technique used is the analysis of financial ratios according to1n   the Bali Provincial Regulation No.4 Year 2012.         Based on the results of the analysis, the results of the study can be concluded that referring to the Bali Provincial Regulation No.4 of 2012. Regarding the Health Assessment Guidelines for Village Credit Institutions (LPD), the level of health at the Credit Institute in the Pakraman Gegelang Village can be rated "Healthy" with a score of 98, 6. Based on the results of the study, the advice can be given to the administrators of the Village Credit Institutions (LPD) Desa Pakraman Gegelang, is the LPD optimally manage productive assets and allocate productive assets to activities or businesses that can increase profits or SHU, for example at banks and other LPDs . LPDs must also be able to see the market opportunities that exist in lending, not only in one sector. In addition, it is necessary to schedule debt payments to other parties accompanied by available funds. In this way it is expected to prevent liquidity.

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