Jurnal Riset Ekonomi & Bisnis
Vol 10, No 1 (2010): Jurnal Riset Ekonomi & bisnis

Membangun Brand Loyalty Melalui Brand Trust dan Customer Satisfaction

Susilowati, Luky (FE UPNV Jawa Timur)
Sumarto, Sumarto (FE UPNV Jawa Timur)

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10 Mar 2010


Business competition by the company getting fighter in the long run, these conditions require the management to be more careful in determining the competitive strategy, in order to win on competition. Thus will be able to  create high customer loyalty towards the products offered. The firm make a brand for their product, Consumer will be able to prefer the brands, it’s depend on atribut of the product and then take satisfaction.  The aim of this research to analyze Brand Trust and Customer Satisfaction influence to Brand loyalty.Variable in this research are Brand Trust, Merk Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction. Variable measured by Interval Scale and primary data used in this research. Purposive  sampling have been taken to identify the sample, there was customer who had bought twice and 18 years old. Data analyzed by  Structural Equation Modeling (SEM).The result of this research show that,  Brand Trust have  positif  influence to Customer Satisfaction, and Customer Satisfaction have positif influence to Brand Loyalty.Keywords : Brand Trust , Brand Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction

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