Patrawidya: Seri Penerbitan Penelitian Sejarah dan Budaya
Vol. 22 No. 1 (2021): April

Menundukkan Kaum Pemburu: Kuasa Pu Sindok atas Perburuan Burung dan Binatang Abad X

Dennys Pradita (Unknown)
Adi Putra Surya Wardhana (Unknown)

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30 Apr 2021


This study aims to analyze the power-knowledge relationship built by Pu Sindok to control bird and animal hunters in the 10th century. Initially, hunting was carried out to meet the needs of the stomach. During the ancient kingdom times, hunting became a pleasure and met the needs of the economy. Therefore, Pu Sindok constructed rules that must be obeyed by both hunters and other hunting-related professions as control over the hunting. This research used the Historical method with an Archaeological approach to analyze the hunting of birds and other animals through the legacy of the Pu Sindok era. The findings show that Pu Sindok built his power through inscriptions in the kingdom of Medang, East Java. Pu Sindok made several rules in the inscription containing the discourse of limiting hunting, preserving the natural environment, and strengthening the powers of the Medang Kingdom and its surroundings. The implication, social, political, cultural, and economic life during the Pu Sindok period became more stable than before.

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