Jurnal Gizi
Vol 10, No 2 (2021): Jurnal Gizi UNIMUS

Citra Tubuh, Kecukupan Gizi, Status Gizi, dan Status Anemia pada Wanita Pranikah

Aanisah Ardiyanti (Unknown)
Vitria Melani (Unknown)
- Nadiyah (Unknown)
Laras Sitoayu (Unknown)
Yulia Wahyuni (Unknown)

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04 Nov 2021


Health is the one of readiness factors in marriage. Towards the wedding, usually thebody image will be a concern. A diet to get the ideal body is often to found. The results showedthat the percentage of anemia in WUS who were not married was greater than WUS who werealready married. This study aimed to determine the relationship of body image, level ofnutritional adequacy, nutritional status, and anemia status in premarital women. An observational study with cross sectional approach. A number of 65 respondents wereselected by accidental sampling. The data were obtained through interviews usingquestionnaire (respondent characteristics, body shape questionare-34), anthropometricmeasurements (weight, height, body mass index, nutritional status), and blood sampling(hemoglobin levels). The data were analyzed using Chi-Square Test. The results showed a significant relationship between body image and anemia status(p<0,05). There was no significant relationship between the level of energy sufficiency,protein, fat, iron, zinc, and vitamin C with anemia status (p>0,05). There was no significantrelationship between nutritional status and anemia status (p>0,05). The conclusion is thatonly body image has a significant relationship to anemia status.Key words : anemia, body image,  nutrition

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