Proceeding of the Electrical Engineering Computer Science and Informatics
Vol 2: EECSI 2015

Decision Support System for Heart Disease Diagnosing Using K-NN Algorithm

Yuwono, Tito ( Islamic University of Indonesia)
Setiawan, Noor Akhmad ( Gadjah Mada University)
Nugroho, Hanung Adi ( Gadjah Mada University)
Persada, Anugrah Galang ( Gadjah Mada University)
Prasojo, Ipin ( Islamic University of Indonesia)
Dewi, Sri Kusuma ( Islamic University of Indonesia)
Rahmadi, Ridho ( Islamic University of Indonesia)

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15 Aug 2015


Heart disease is a notoriously dangerous disease which possibly causing the death. An electrocardiogram (ECG) is used for a diagnosis of the disease. It is often, however, a fault diagnosis by a doctor misleads to inappropriate treatment, which increases a risk of death. This present work implements k-nearest neighbor (K-NN) on ECG data to get a better interpretation which expected to help a decision making in the diagnosis. For experiment, we use an ECG data from MIT BIH and zoom in on classification of three classes; normal, myocardial infarction and others. We use a single decision threshold to evaluate the validity of the experiment. The result shows an accuracy up to 87% with a value of K = 4.

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