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Bioculture Journal
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Aim and Scope The Journal publishes disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary esearch related to the Bioculture. The scope of Bioculture includes the traditional priorities of its sections, but also includes papers from non-traditional scientific areas such as sustainability science, social-ecological systems, as well as Bioculture of various species for ornamental, conservation and restoration purposes. It aims to publish research findings, techniques, and advances in biological technologies and engineering that sustain, restore, and improve the quality of life for humans, plants, and animals in our world.
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Construction of the Agrotourism Dimensional Model: Perspective of Attraction of Visitor Experiences in Agrotourism Salak, Sibetan Karangasem Bali I Dewa Ayu Tita Permata Tabita; Ida Ayu Suryaningsih
Bioculture Journal Vol. 1 No. 1: (July) 2023
Publisher : Institute for Advanced Science, Social, and Sustainable Future

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Tourism has become one of the industries that has a major impact on Bali's economic growth. This study aims to explore the various factors that build important dimensions as a determinant of the formation of visitor experience in agro-tourism. The collecting data  by interviews related to the form of expectations and responses of visitors as informants about the Sibetan agro-tourism object. This type of data is for exploring the dimensions and factors that reflect the dimensions to construct a measurement scale. The next step is to classify by group category to build dimensions, then the data  processed using descriptive statistical analysis tools, namely confirmatory factor analysis.   The indicator that produces the largest loading factor is determined as the indicator that most strongly reflects the variable in question. This result shows that the better the Tourist Visit Experience to Sibetan Agrotourism object, Karangasem, the more loyal these visitors are to Sibetan Agrotourism object, Karangasem. Based on the results of the study, information was obtained that based on the Experience of Tourists visiting Sibetan Agrotourism objects, Karangasem the biggest factor influencing tourists to visit Sibetan Agrotourism objects, Karangasem is the Security factor, then followed by the Coolness of tourist objects, Service and Hospitality, Order and Uniqueness and Beauty of Sibetan Agrotourism objects, Karangasem. Tourist Visiting Experience to Sibetan Agrotourism Object, Karangasem has a positive and significant effect on Visitor Loyalty.
Factors affecting the independence of tri guna karya group farmers in kintamani in processing and marketing their products NI Ketut Karyati; Ni Nengah Yastini; Ni Wayan Suryathi; Anak Agung Ayu Rai Wahyuni
Bioculture Journal Vol. 1 No. 1: (July) 2023
Publisher : Institute for Advanced Science, Social, and Sustainable Future

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Indonesia As an agrarian country, agriculture are considered as one of the sectors that contributes to economic growth by providing essential needs such as food and even raw materials for industries. The agricultural sector is still capable of maintaining positive growth and finding ways to achieve the welfare and independence of farmers through empowerment processes. This is crucial as the majority of farmers in Indonesia are categorized as poor and marginalized. One initiative in this regard is the effort made by local governments to implement programs that strengthen business capital and empowerment programs to enhance farmers' self-sufficiency. This study aimed to identify and assess the factors that impact the self-sufficiency of farmers in the processing and marketing of agricultural products in Subak-Abian Tri Guna Karya, located in Kintamani District, Bangli Regency. The type of data used in this research is quantitative and qualitative data. Data collection techniques were carried out by conducting structured interviews, observation and documentation studies. The data analysis technique in this study is to use descriptive analysis techniques and statistical analysis. Based on the results of data analysis, Based on the findings of the research, it can be deduced that the factors affecting the self-sufficiency of farmers in the marketing and processing of agricultural products are evident in Subak-Abian Tri Guna Karya, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency are the individual characteristics of farmers who are characterized by skills, capacity strengthening factors that characterized by strengthening individual capacity, and development capital factors characterized by Human Resources (HR) capital, Quality human resource development is achieved by enhancing specific individual skills (life of skill) and strengthening individual capacity building to reinforce institutional development capacity building based on the Subak institution. This approach aims to enhance individual farmers' intellectual self-sufficiency.
Analisis daya dukung komoditas serealia terhadap ketahanan pangan Kabupaten Buleleng Luh Pastiniasih
Bioculture Journal Vol. 1 No. 1: (July) 2023
Publisher : Institute for Advanced Science, Social, and Sustainable Future

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The increase in population has an impact on the reduction in the area of ​​productive agricultural land due to land conversion for various needs. This causes a decrease in food production so that food availability is lower and unbalanced with the demand or needs of the population. It is essential to know the carrying capacity of land as an illustration of a region's ability to meet its population's basic needs. This study aims to analyze the occurrence of conversion of agricultural land and its impact on the carrying capacity of land on food security in Buleleng Regency. The research is qualitative and descriptive, utilizing secondary data on agricultural land area, harvested area, production value, and population in ten years (2012-2021). The results showed that the carrying capacity of food fields in Buleleng Regency was low because they could not be self-sufficient or were in a deficit condition. This is due to the rapid population increase and agricultural land conversion, especially paddy fields. The authors thank the reviewers and the IASSF team for supporting this research.
Strategi pengembangan kawasan minapolitan berbasis perikanan tangkap di Desa Kedonganan Kabupaten Badung Ni Gusti Putu Eka Triyani
Bioculture Journal Vol. 1 No. 1: (July) 2023
Publisher : Institute for Advanced Science, Social, and Sustainable Future

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Kedonganan Village is one of the areas decided as a Minapolitan region based- capture fisheries. To support the existence of Kedonganan Village as a Minapolitan region various facilities have been built among others, Pier, fish auction placeI, and ice factory. This research aims to find out the use of facilities and infrastructure built at the Minapolitan regional development based-capture fisheries. The methods applied in this research are qualitative and quantitative analysis for facilities and infrastructure utilization, internal and external environmental conditions with IE matrix, while for the development strategy SWOT matrix is applied. From the result of research, the implementation of development programs of Minapolitan region based-capture fisheries has not been consistent with the plan in the facilities and infrastructure utilization. The results of the analysis of external factors (EFAS matrix) include in the strong category. In IE matrix includes in the cell II constitutes a growth strategy where the applied strategy is designed to achieve optimal growth. The efforts that can be undertaken for the development of Minapolitan region of Kedonganan Village is that the management agency is expected to manage the facilities and infrastructure available in the area optimally and understands the functions of the manager, keeps requiring government support to assist board of management in optimizing the functions of the existing facilities and infrastructure with integrated management system, improvement of the existing facilities, additional fuel quota for fishermen as well as providing technical guidance for managers.
Efektivitas fitoremidiasi kayu apu (Pistia stratiotes) dan eceng gondok (Eichhornia crassipes) dalam memenuhi baku mutu air limbah di instalasi pengolahan air limbah RSUD Kabupaten Badung Mangusada I Kadek Prastikanala; I Made Wahyu Wijaya
Bioculture Journal Vol. 1 No. 1: (July) 2023
Publisher : Institute for Advanced Science, Social, and Sustainable Future

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Hospital liquid waste can be infectious, poisonous and harmful for hospital environment and communities surrounding. The examination result of liquid waste outlet in Mangusada hospital within January - August 2016 showed an increase in free Ammonia (NH3) quality raw at the level of 3.71 mg / L and phosphate (PO 4) up at the level to 3.38 mg / L. To anticipate the pollution of liquid waste which might occur, liquid waste treatment is an absolute option to be required. The objective of this research is to obtain the effectiveness of kayu apu and hyacinth in complying liquid waste quality standard. This research is quasi experiment using non-equivalent control group design with post test. The conclusion of this research showed that liquid waste management system refers to environmental health hospital requirements and it licensed on disposal of water resources and reuse of liquid waste environmental Board of Badung Regency. The results of an independent analysis showed that kayu apu phytoremediation is more (p <0.05) in complying the quality standard especially on the indicator of liquid waste mainly on NH3 and COD. Kayu apu lettuce can be apply as an alternative option in complying quality standard of liquid waste using biology system.

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