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Penerapan dan Pandangan Keagamaan Terhadap Undang-Undang ITE di Indonesia Indra Ramadona Harahap; Dewi Maharani
Journal of Social Responsibility Projects by Higher Education Forum Vol 1 No 1 (2020): Juli 2020
Publisher : Forum Kerjasama Pendidikan Tinggi (FKPT)

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Community service activities with the theme "Application and Views of Relevance to the ITE Law in Indonesia" aims to provide knowledge to students of SMA Negeri 4 The range of the importance of discussing the specific ITE Law for children and also looking at it from the religious side. The method used in this activity was a direct survey to the location of the school and also interviewed the Principal of SMA Negeri 4 Kisaran. ITE is information and electronic transactions in which a rule is made by the state with the help of information technology regarding the importance of trade and economic growth to realize the welfare of the community and the government needs to support the development of information technology through legal infrastructure and its regulation to help information technology be carried out secaa safely to avoid considering it with pay attention to the religious, social, cultural values ​​of Indonesian people
Jurnal Riset Informatika Vol 4 No 2 (2022): Period of March 2022
Publisher : Kresnamedia Publisher

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The trend moment method is a forecasting method for producing an estimated number of future bread supplies so that there is no excess or shortage of bread stock in the coming month. Data on bread sales is used in this study every month from January to December 2021. Each month's sales records are useful for determining whether sales have increased or decreased. The study's findings include the development of a computerized system that can generate approximate numbers in predicting deals for the following month utilizing the PHP and MySQL programming dialects, making it simpler to determine how much bread will be sold while taking into account the stock of goods and how much will be produced in the coming months. the following month with the goal that there is no lack or abundance of bread stock. The results of sales predictions for 12 months in 2021, produce predictions in January 2022, in the 13th period with MAD (Mean Absolute Deviation) results of 40.08% and MSE (Mean Squared Error) rates of 27.64%.
Penerapan Data Mining untuk Klasifikasi Produk Merk Bata Menggunakan Algoritma K-Means Hernita Samosir; Muhammad Amin; Indra Ramadona Harahap
JUTSI (Jurnal Teknologi dan Sistem Informasi) Vol 1, No 2 (2021): June 2021
Publisher : LPPM STMIK Royal Kisaran

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Abstract: Tanjungbalai Bata Store is a store that is engaged in the business of selling products and every day processes purchase data, sales data and transaction data. Transaction data is the result of sales that can be obtained so that store management knows the strategies that will be carried out to increase sales results. As for consumers who make transactions at stores for a separate reason, especially because of the completeness and many models that can be obtained from the Tanjungbalai brick shop, another reason is that the Tanjungbalai Brick Shop can provide a sense of comfort and peace in addition and the cleanliness seen from the store . There are many types of products sold at the Tanjungbalai Brick Shop. However, Tanjungbalai Brick Shop cannot classify products that are selling well and those that are not selling well. So that the difficulties experienced are the frequent shortage of stock of products that sell well because sales are high and the accumulation of products that are not selling well in the warehouse because the sellers are low. Based on the problems above, data mining is needed to classify which products are in demand and which are not. Data mining and k-means methods can help in this research combined with the PHP programming language and MySQL database. Keywords:Data Mining; Product Classification; K-Means Algorithm.  Abstrak:Toko Bata Tanjungbalai adalah toko yang bergerak di bidang bisnis penjulalan produk dan setiap harinya melalukan proses data pembelian, data penjualan maupun data transaksi. Data transaksi merupakan hasil penjualan yang di dapat agar manajemen toko mengetahui strategi yang akan di lakukan untuk meningkatkan hasil penjualan. Adapun konsumen yang melakukan transaksi di toko memiliki alas an tersendiri ataupun di karenakan kelengkapan dan banyak model yang bisa di dapatkan dari toko bata tanjungbalai, alasan yang lain adalah Toko Bata Tanjungbalai dapat memberikan rasa nyamandan tentram di tambah lagi keramahan dan kebersihan yang di lihat dari toko tersebut. Ada banyak jenis produk yang terjual di Toko Bata Tanjungbalai, namun toko bata Tanjungbalai tidaklah mampu dalam membagikan kelompok produk tersebut masuk kategori laris dan tidak laris. Sehingga kesulitan yang dialami yaitu seringnya kekurangan stok produk yang laku karena penjualannya tinggi dan menumpuknya produk yang tidak laris di gudang karena penjualnnya rendah. Berdasarkan permasalahan di atas maka dibutuhkan data mining untuk mengelompokkan produk mana saja yang laris dan tidak. Data mining dan metode k-meansdapat membantu dalam penelitian ini dipadukan dengan pemrograman PHP dan MySQL. Kata Kunci :Data Mining; Klasifikasi Produk; Algoritma K-Means.
Analisis Prediksi Penjualan Ikan Lele Pada UD Ulong Menggunakan Metode Single Moving Average Dinda Pratiwi; Havid Syafwan; Indra Ramadona Harahap
JUTSI (Jurnal Teknologi dan Sistem Informasi) Vol 1, No 3 (2021): October 2021
Publisher : LPPM STMIK Royal Kisaran

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Abstract: The purpose of this study is to predict the demand for catfish that can efficiently and cost effectively through the application of information technology at UD Ulong. The application of information technology referred to is forecasting or forcasting using the Single Moving Average method. Through the application of this method, researchers will maximize the use of the method by taking samples of sales or demand data contained in UD Ulong. Data will be taken sales or demand data for 1 year. Based on these data, researchers will predict demand in the next month. so that the owner of the catfish culture will benefit in predicting the demand for catfish at UD Ulong. Keywords: Forecasting; Single Moving Average Method; Catfish  Abstrak: Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk memprediksi permintaan ikan lele yang dapat mengefesiensikan dan mengefektifkan biaya melalui penerapan teknologi informasi pada UD Ulong. Penerapan teknologi informasi yang dimaksud yaitu peramalan atau forecasting menggunakan metode Single Moving Average. Melalui penerapan metode ini, peneliti akan memaksimalkan penggunaan metode dengan mengambil sampel data penjualan atau permintaan yang terdapat pada UD Ulong. Data yang akan diambil adalah data perjualan atau permintaan selama 1 tahun. Berdasarkan data tersebut, peneliti akan memprediksi permintaan di bulan depan sehingga pemilik budidaya ikan lele akan mendapatkan manfaat dalam memprediksi permintaan ikan lele pada UD Ulong. Kata Kunci: Peramalan; Metode Single Moving Average; Ikan Lele
Trend Moment Method to Predict Sales of Pekanbaru Hoya Bread Siregar, Wahyuni; Syah, Arridha Zikra; Harahap, Indra Ramadona
Sinkron : jurnal dan penelitian teknik informatika Vol. 7 No. 1 (2022): Article Research Volume 7 Issue 1: January 2022
Publisher : Politeknik Ganesha Medan

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Hoya or better known as Hoya Bakery is located on Durian Street, Pekanbaru City. Is one of the shops and factories that produce and sell various kinds of bread and market snacks located in various places in Pekanbaru. Especially in meeting the demand that will be distributed to consumers which is relatively large so that there are often out of stock bread and excess stock. Therefore, accurate and efficient predictions of bread sales are needed using the trend moment method. A forecast to produce forecasts of bread supplies in the future. In this study, data on bread sales are used every month from October 2019 to September 2020. The sales record for each month is useful to see whether it has increased or decreased. The result of this research is the creation of a computerized system that is able to generate estimates for the next month using the PHP and MySQL programming languages, making it easier to find out how much bread will be sold and consider how much will be produced in the following month so that there is no shortage or excess stock of bread
Jurnal Teknik Informatika (Jutif) Vol. 3 No. 2 (2022): JUTIF Volume 3, Number 2, April 2022
Publisher : Informatika, Universitas Jenderal Soedirman

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The Prosperous Family Card (KKS) is a card given by the Government in lieu of a Social Protection Card (KPS). This card is a marker of underprivileged communities, people who have KKS will get Rice Assistance and Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT) every month. To receive the Prosperous Family Card (KKS), the government has set several criteria. As for how to solve the criteria that have been set, namely by utilizing data mining techniques. Data mining can also be interpreted as the process of extracting and extracting knowledge in a set of data using the C4.5 Algorithm. The C4.5 algorithm is a method that can be used for decision making that forms into a decision tree that can later be used as a basis for consideration in determining the community of recipients of the Prosperous Family Card (KKS). The purpose of this study is that the C4.5 algorithm can predict the community of recipients of prosperous family cards so that they can be used in determining the community of recipients of prosperous family cards (KKS) in Sukaramai village.
Sistem Pendukung Keputusan Pemilihan Siswa Berprestasi Pada Aliyah Aras Kabu Agung Tanjungbalai Menggunakan Metode AHP Dahriansah Dahriansah; Andri Nata; Indra Ramadona Harahap
Jurnal Teknologi Sistem Informasi dan Sistem Komputer TGD Vol 3, No 1 (2020): J SISKO TECH EDISI JANUARI
Publisher : STMIK Triguna Dharma

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Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk merekomendasikan siswa berprestasi pada Aliyah Aras Kabu Tanjungbalai berdasarkan kriteria yang ditentukan dengan menggunakan teknik sistem pendukung keputusan.. Teknik pengambilan keputusan multi kriteria ini didasarkan pada teori bahwa setiap alternatif terdiri dari sejumlah kriteria yang memiliki nilai-nilai dan setiap kriteria memiliki bobot yang menggambarkan seberapa penting kriteria tersebut dengan kriteria lain. Hasil akhir yang diperoleh dari sistem pendukung keputusan ini akan memberikan suatu alternatif, untuk merekomendasikan siswa berprestasi pada Aliyah Aras Kabu Tanjungbalai. Adapun Nama siswa berprestasi pada Aliyah Aras Kabu Menurut Pehitungan Metode AHP Adalah Dari hasil perhitungan yang dilakukan oleh sistem, didapat bahwa ada 1 (satu) siswa yang bisa dijadikan rekomendasi dari 4 (empat) data penelitian yang dilakukan. Siswa tersebut berinisial A4 dengan nilai tertinggi 1,000.
Penerapan Sistem Pengereman dan Parkir Mobil Listrik Menggunakan Sensor Ultrasonik Berbasis Arduino UNO Azhar Robbi Dayus; Jhonson Efendi Hutagalung; Indra Ramadona Harahap
J-Com (Journal of Computer) Vol 2, No 2 (2022): Juli 2022
Publisher : LPPM STMIK Royal Kisaran

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Abstract: Most of the braking systems used still use the drum system so that an automatic braking system is needed so that collisions rarely occur due to sudden braking which results in many accidents that claimed lives. This automatic brake control system is a device that functions as an automatic braking controller on four-wheeled vehicles without the driver having to press the brake pedal or brake manually. This system uses ultrasonic sensors to detect the distance of the car to objects that are in the way both in front and behind the car. Controlled by Arduino Uno microcontroller which is connected to servo motor and buzzer. The system can control the speed of vehicles and parking cars in the parking lot by designing and making a braking and parking system that works using ultrasonic sensors so that it can notify objects or things that are blocking both in front and behind the car. The car can stop quickly and accurately so it doesn't touch the object in front of it and the car can also park properly in the designated parking space. Keyword: Ultrasonic Sensor; Microcontroller; Arduino Uno; Servo Motor; Buzzer  Abstrak: Sistem Pengereman kebanyakan digunakan masih menggunakan sistem  tromol sehingga dibutuhkan system pengereman otomatis sehingga jarang terjadi tabrakan karena pngereman yang tiba-tiba yang mengakibatkan banyaknya kecelakaan yang menelan korban jiwa. Sistem kendali rem otomatis ini adalah sebuat alat yang mempunyai fungsi sebagai pengendali pengereman otomatis pada kendaraan roda empat tanpa si pengemudi harus menekan pedal rem atau pengereman secara manual. Sistem ini menggunakan sensor ultrasonik untuk mendeteksi jarak mobil terhadap benda yang mengahalangi baik di depan maupun di belakang mobil. Dikendalikan oleh mikrokontroler Arduino Uno yang terhubung ke motor servo dan buzzer. Sistem dapat mengendalikan laju kendaraan dan pemakiran mobil pada tempat parkir dengan merancang dan membuat sistem pengereman dan parkir yang bekerja dengan menggunakan sensor ultrasonic sehingga dapat memberitahukan benda atau sesuatu yang menghalangi baik di depan maupun di belakang mobil. Mobil dapat berhenti dengan cepat dan akurat sehingga tidak menyentuh benda did depannya dan mobil juga dapat parkir dengan tepat di tempat parkir yang telah ditentukan. Kata kunci: Sensor Ultrasonik; Mikrokontroler; Arduino Uno; Motor Servo; Buzzer