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Aplikasi Pengukuran Tingkat Kecemasan Berdasarkan Skala Hars Berbasis Android Giatika Chrisnawati; Tutuk Aldino
JURNAL TEKNIK KOMPUTER Vol 5, No 2 (2019): JTK - Periode Agustus 2019
Publisher : Universitas Bina Sarana Informatika

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Abstract  - The development of technology that getting increasingly has an impact on a mobile device. In this era, mobile phone is a communication tool that is flexible, easy to carry anywhere, and its function is almost the same as the computer. The operating system that mobile phone has got increasingly. One of them is that Android operating system has grown rapidly and almost dominates the mobile market. The development of technology and the increase of necessities life make people have to work harder to sufficient their life. People compete to sufficient the needs and keep up the development that exists, but not everyone is able to sufficient it. It makes people want to do crimes like theft, corruption, murder, etc. This happens because someone is too obsessed with their desire. so they are afraid and anxious if they cannot sufficient and achieve their desire. Anxiety can be interpreted as an uncertain fear with a feeling of uncertainty and helplessness that can cause an uncomfortable feeling. So, it triggers their self to do bad things. In this phenomenon is needed an application that can be used to determine the level of anxiety because knowing the level of anxiety early can prevent people to do bad things. The measurement applications of anxiety levels with HARS scale are made based on the Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HARS).
Jurnal Informatika Vol 4, No 1 (2020): JIKA (Jurnal Informatika)
Publisher : University of Muhammadiyah Tangerang

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Abstrak— Dalam jaringan berbagi atau sharing adalah suatu hal yang biasa, akan tetapi jika sebalik nya maka ada suatu hal yang harus di konfigurasi ulang, seperti perubahan firewall, perubahan topologi logik dari LAN menjadi virtual local area network. Berubahnya topologi logik menjadikan perubahan pada topologi fisik dan perangkat jaringan pun seperti switch harus mengikuti dari switch unmanage ke switch manageable. Begitupula berubah interface pada routernya. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk meningkatkan keamanan jaringan di PT. Navicom Indonesia menggunakan jaringan VLAN karena terdapat permasalahan dimana setiap divisi dapat saling mengakses data pada komputer yang ada, dan data tidak terpisah dari jaringan. Perancangan jaringan VLAN pada PT. Navicom Indonesia. Dalam perancangan jaringan VLAN ini menggunakan aplikasi Cisco Packet Tracer untuk simulasinya. Kemanan data pada setiap pc akan lebih aman apabila menggunakan jaringan VLAN, karena pada jaringan tersebut kita dapat membuat konfigurasi jaringan mana saja yang saling terhubung. Untuk membuat jaringan VLAN saling berkomunikasi maka diperlukan konfigurasi pada Switch untuk membuat Database VLAN, agar setiap anggota VLAN dapat saling berkomunikasi satu sama lain.
Aplikasi Pembelajaran Interaktif Bahasa Arab Dasar untuk Anak Berbasis Android Giatika Chrisnawati; Firman Prasetyo Nugroho
Journal on Education Vol 5 No 2 (2023): Journal on Education: Volume 5 Nomor 2 Tahun 2023
Publisher : Departement of Mathematics Education

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In the development of this modern era, there have been many technologies that are growing rapidly. As for computers, which are equipment created to facilitate human work when achieving progress both in the manufacture of hardware and software and not only computers, now developments in the field of mobile phones are included in the scope of SmartPhones, which It has been developed a lot starting from features or in the field of hardware and software, there have been many mobile-based applications that have been created and have been used by the wider community today and even become an obligation for all people to use smartphones that are equipped with various features and applications in it. starting from the field of Sales, Learning, business, Health and Education and this time the author will try to make a final project in the field of basic learning aimed at children to start an early learning stage of basic introduction and basic understanding of it's a lesson, the target we will take is learning a foreign language, namely Arabic with the system that we will make is aimed at children to make it easier for them to learn Arabic, easily, clearly and certainly fun
Implementation of Supply Chain Management in Web-Based Support Systems Employee Recruitment in Private Hospitals Musran Munizu; Muh. Risal Tawil; Giatika Chrisnawati; Helson Hamid; Muhammad Lukman Hakim
Jurnal Sistim Informasi dan Teknologi 2023, Vol. 5, No. 2

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This public hospital still has many weaknesses in recruiting employees, so the time needed for hiring employees is long and not organized properly, which hampers the need for employees. Therefore, in order to support the smooth running of the employee recruitment system, it is necessary to create an executive support system that can provide solutions for the process of employee recruitment activities at the hospital later. To design an executive support system, a literature study, interviews with executives, observations, and final test results are calculated using a rule-based expert system. The proposed executive information system design includes a model design, data design, dialogue design, and implementation plan. The approach employed in this research is the object-oriented system development approach utilizing the Unified Modeling Language (UML) design tool and the waterfall strategy system development model. The programming languages utilized are Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) and My Structure Query Language (MySQL). The outcome of this investigation is a web-based information system for supply chain management that can assess potential new hires and merge internal departments to enhance the seamless flow of information and the approval of candidate reports.
Application of Rating Scale Method to Design and Construct an Employee Performance Assessment Application System in National Charity Institutions Siti Annisa Wahdiniawati; Zulkifli; Giatika Chrisnawati; Ni Luh Sili Antari; I Ketut Mustika
Jurnal Informasi dan Teknologi 2024, Vol. 6, No. 1

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This research aims to find out how to design and build an employee performance assessment information system using the rating scale method. The data collection methods used were observation, interviews, and literature study. The research used the rating scale as the employee performance assessment method. The author used the Rapid Application Development (RAD) method in system development. The researcher designed an employee performance assessment information system using UML (Unified Modeling Language) tools at this stage. In this stage, the system is built using the PHP and MySQL programming languages for the database. The research results show that the developed performance appraisal system can provide significant benefits in monitoring employee performance more efficiently. Using this system makes the performance appraisal process easier, reduces file buildup, and increases the speed of the process from one week to only three days to complete the appraisal report. A data collection center also provides additional value by ensuring the security and orderliness of information.