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MODERNISASI PENDIDIKAN DI PONDOK PESANTREN: Studi Tentang Pemanfaatan Sistem Aplikasi Pedatren dalam Meningkatkan Mutu Layanan Pondok Pesantren Hasan Baharun; Moh Tohet; Juhji Juhji; Adi Wibowo; Siti Zainab
Al-Tarbawi Al-Haditsah: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam Vol 6, No 1 (2021): Pendidikan Islam
Publisher : Pendidikan Agama Islam, Fakultas Ilmu Tarbiyah dan Keguruann, IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon

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This study aims to analyze and understand the use of the pedatren application system as a response to the modernization of the Nurul Jadid Islamic boarding school, Paiton, Probolinggo in improving the quality of its services. This research uses a qualitative approach with case study. This research uses a qualitative approach to the type of case study. The data collection technique is done through observation, interview, and documentation. Data analysis begins with data presentation, data reduction and ends with concluding. The results showed that the Pedatren application system was able to answer the challenges of modernizing Islamic boarding schools and the complexity of community demands during competition between educational institutions, through the provision of services regarding the identity of the students, the number of students, the development of the students' learning process, santri licensing system and payments made digitally through a virtual account.
Sistem Opersionl Lelang BPPKD Kabupaten Purworejo Perspektif Hukum Islam dan Hukum Positif Fathudin Fathudin; Adi Wibowo; Hajar Mukaromah; Muhammad Mustahal; Ro’ihatul Munawaroh
JURNAL HAKAM Vol 4, No 2 (2020)
Publisher : Prodi Hukum Keluarga Fakultas Agama Islam Universitas Nurul Jadid

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At present many transactions are done by the community one of them is ba'i al-muzāyadah. BPPKAD (Finance and Regional Asset Management Agency) Purworejo Regency Practice the ba'i al-muzāyadah in selling inventory items that are not usable in equipment because they are damaged or for development, namely The sales auction with a single-cover closed bidding method, in the sense of a letter of bidding (a bid size) along with all requirement files inserted in one closed envelope. Therefore, among the bidders can not know each other's offerings from other participants. This is different from the auction system in the Fiqh rulings (Islamic law) is an auction with a method of bidding in the middle of the crowd or public and the price quote is done repeatedly to find the auction winner. Departing from the background, researchers interested in discussing the problems of the BPPKAD auction operational system (the financial and Regional Asset Management Board) of Purworejo Regency using the perspective of Islamic law. With the aim that researchers can research more in whether the auction system used by BPPKAD Purworejo District is already in accordance with Islamic law. This type of research is a type of field study, the method of collecting data by interview. There are two data sources that are primary data sources and secondary data sources while the analysis uses a qualitative approach.
Praktik Muḍārabah di Bank Muamalat KCP Wonosobo Perspektif Hukum Ekonomi Syariah Fathudin Fathudin; Adi Wibowo; Salsabella Rahma Dewi
JURNAL HAKAM Vol 4, No 1 (2020)
Publisher : Prodi Hukum Keluarga Fakultas Agama Islam Universitas Nurul Jadid

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This research discusses the practice of muḍārabah at Bank Muamalat, Wonosobo Sub-Branch Office, a form of business collaboration using a muḍārabah contract and in the process the business fails so that it suffers losses caused not by the negligence of the fund manager (muḍārib) so the fund manager must bear all the losses. Where it should be in the syari'ah concept that if you collaborate using the muḍārabah agreement, if the business fails in the process, the loss is fully borne by the owner of the capital (ṣāḥibul māl). Discussion of the theory and practice in the muḍārabah contract according to Islamic law is very important. This study aims to determine the law regarding the practice of muḍārabah financing at the Bank Muamalat Wonosobo Branch Office, whether it is legal or not legally '. The approach used uses a normative approach with the object of the muḍārabah contract practice at the Bank Muamalat Wonosobo Branch Office which is adjusted to the perspective of Islamic law. After conducting an analysis with adjustments between Islamic Law and collaboration products with the muḍārabah agreement implemented by the Bank Muamalat Wonosobo Branch Office, it resulted in a conclusion that the practice of the muḍārabah contract was not in accordance with Islamic Law (syara ').
Strategi Kepala Madrasah Dalam Meningkatkan Mutu Pendidikan Adi Wibowo; Ahmad Zawawi Subhan
Indonesian Journal of Islamic Educational Management Vol 3, No 2 (2020): IJIEM
Publisher : Universitas Islam Negeri Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau

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This article aims to describe the strategy of the headmaster in improving the quality of education starting from planning, implementation, monitoring to evaluation. To achieve these objectives, this study uses a qualitative approach with descriptive methods. Data collection techniques are done through Observation, Interview and Documentation Study. Data analysis procedures are Data Reduction, Data Servicing, and Verification. While the subject of research is the Head of Madrasas, Deputy Head of Madrasas, and Teachers. The object of this research is in Mts Negeri 1 Purworejo, data are taken before the covid pandemic 19. The results of the study show that: (1) that the headmaster in improving the quality of education first plans the program by detailing the needs of educators and education personnel who will carry out their tasks, plan curriculum to be implemented, planning policies on adding subjects; (2) create an organizational structure that involves parents through the school committee and completes the required sarpras; (3) Give a good and calm example at work, motivate and reward personnel both morally and materially, improve welfare, include educators and education personnel in education and training and motivate senior teachers to have the spirit of life long education; (4) supervise the outputs, PBM, and students starting from the admission process until the completion of school at the madrasah. (5) As for the obstacles experienced are the presence of personnel who are still undisciplined, the lack of communication between the madrasa head and some personnel.
STUDY KOMPARASI PENYELENGGARAAN PENDIDIKAN SMK(Studi Kasus SMK Di Pondok Pesantren Lirboyo Al-Mahrusiyah Dan Di SMK PGRI 2 Kediri) Adi Wibowo
At-Tarbiyat Vol 1 No 2 (2018): Jurnal Pendidikan Islam
Publisher : Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam An-Nawawi Purworejo

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ABSTRACT This study of the purpose is to explore, how the Implementation of Education in Vocational High School, The comparative and output of students at vocational education institution in the Kediri’s lirboyo Islamic Boarding School (Al-Mahrusiyah Vocational High School) and at Vocational High School PGRI 2 Kediri. The methodology of this research is qualitative, deal with the method of data collection which used namely observation, interview, and documentation. The results of this research appeared (1) The implementation of Education in Vocational High School, especially in Al-Mahrusiyah Islamic Boarding School and at Vocational High School PGRI 2 Includedthe school management, the results obtained had shown that the leadership using a democratic type. (2) The comparative of theeducation implementation in vocational High School (SMK) at Islamic Boarding Schools (Al-Mahrusiyah Vocational School) and in PGRI Vocational High School 2 Kediri includedthe management of the leadership model, school category, curriculum, teaching and learning process, educator and education staff, expertise package / competency skill, DU / DI partner and the school culture (3 ) Output of students in Vocational High School in Islamic Boarding Schools (Al-Mahrusiyah Vocational High School) and in SMK PGRI 2 Kediri, SMKS Al-Mahrusiyah is a vocational high school based on Information Technology while PGRI 2 (SMK) Vocational High School, Kediri vocational high school based on a marketing industry between only work themselves or those who continue kuliyah gotthe difference of between students graduating from vocational high school who are from Islamic boarding schools with those who are from the community culture in general. The difference is due to several environmental factors as well as the school culture that affected the mindset in both vocational high schools ABSTRAK Tujuan penelitian ini untuk mengetahui, bagaimana Penyelenggaraan Pendidikan SMK, komparasi serta output siswa pada lembaga pendidikan kejuruan di Pondok Pesantren lirboyo Kediri (SMK Al-Mahrusiyah) dan di SMK PGRI 2 Kediri.Metodelogi penelitian ini adalah kualitatif, dengan metode pengumpulan data yang digunakan yaitu observasi, wawancara, dan dokumentasi. Hasil penelitian menunjukan (1) Penyelenggaraan Pendidikan SMK di pondok pesantren Al-Mahrusiyah dan di SMK PGRI 2 meliputi managemen sekolah, dari hasil yang didapat menunjukan bahwa kepemimpinan menggunakan model demokrasi berkriteria ideal akan tetapi perlu meningkatkan supervisi terhadap guru (2) komparasi penyelenggaraan pendidikan SMK di Pondok Pesantren (SMK Al-Mahrusiyah) dan di SMK PGRI 2 Kediri meliputi: managemen model kepemimpinan, Kategori sekolah, Kurikulum, Proses belajar mengajar, Pendidik dan tenaga kependidikan, Paket keahlian/Kompetensi keahlian, Mitra DU/DI dan Kultur sekolah (3) Output siswa di SMK di Pondok Pesantren (SMK Al-Mahrusiyah) dan di SMK PGRI 2 Kediri, SMKS Al-Mahrusiyah adalah sekolah kejuruan dengan basis Teknologi Informasi sedangkan SMKS PGRI 2 Kediri sekolah kejuruan dengan basis industri pemasaran dan antara yang bekerja dengan yang melanjutkan kuliyah terdapat perbedaan antara siswa-siswi lulusan SMK Yang sekolah di pondok pesantren dengan yang sekolah di sekolah dengan kultur masyarakat secara umum. Perbedaan tersebut dikarenakan beberapa faktor lingkungan dan juga kultur sekolah yang mempengaruhi mindset di kedua sekolah SMK tersebut
Pesantren dan Millennial Behaviour: Tantangan Pendidikan Pesantren dalam Membina Karakter Santri Milenial Chusnul Muali; Adi Wibowo; Hambali Hambali; Zaini Gunawan; Immatul Hamimah
At-Tarbiyat Vol 3 No 2 (2020): Jurnal Pendidikan Islam
Publisher : Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam An-Nawawi Purworejo

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This study to determine the challenges of boarding school education in fostering the character of millennial santri at Al-Amanah Islamic Boarding School, which is a boarding school that educates and fosters the character of students. This research uses qualitative research with a type of case study. The informants in this study were the boarding school caretakers, namely the kyai, the ustadz / ustadzah and students in the boarding school environment. The results of the research regarding the challenges that must be faced by students are as follows: first, cultural differentiation. One way of communicating is that the culture and personality of the students are different. Second, the uswah factor. Exemplary and role models for students in Islamic boarding schools. Third. Impact technology. Be aware of advances in technology and information for students so that they are not left behind. Fourth. Double Personality.
Publisher : Lembaga Ta'lif wa An-Nasyr (LTN) PBNU

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This paper seeks to explain the trend of da'wah in the digital age with the use of social media, this media makes many preachers intrigued to channel their da'wah by utilizing the internet facilities of millennial preachers to create Islamic content that is casually packaged in everyday life stories and spiced with things the funny thing, this strategy attracts millions of viewers proven in the description of the number of viewers on YouTube. Da'wah is one of the activities aimed at inviting others in kindness, reminding someone of the end of the day, while preaching media is a tool for inviting others to better paths. An-nawawi boarding school playing purworejo is one of the halls that implement the preaching strategy by utilizing social media such as: Instagram and Youtube which are packaged with the latest trends in the form of images and videos that target millennials, this is done because of the increasingly widespread social media accounts which tends to be radical even contaminated by Isis which easily punishes haram without first reviewing the determination of the correct fiqh rules. This study uses a case study of the responses of students who are in the boarding boarding an-nawawi boarding school purworejo to preaching messages contained in social media content Instagram, facebook, twitter and Youtube Pondok An Nawawi boarding school in Purworejo.