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Analisis Makna Konotasi Pada Karya Desain Komunikasi Visual Susi Handayani
Jurnal SASAK : Desain Visual dan Komunikasi Vol 3 No 1 (2021): SASAK
Publisher : Universitas Bumigora

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The activity of exploring messages and meanings in design work is an important part of understanding the concept of design thinking that is reflected in his work. Each message that is presented in the work is the essence of a design outside of the formalistic factors of form as can be seen by the eye. To explore more deeply about the essence of visual massage in design work, the authors use a collaborative method using semiotic science studies techniques that focus on the image of the visual element and the connotation meaning in it. The process of collecting data in this study starts from several important stages, such as observation, interviews, documentation to preparing a literature review. data analysis techniques in this paper, using several stages such as, collecting data, reducing data, analyzing and drawing conclusions. The semiotic study is the choice of analysis because the characteristics of the semiotic study are still relevant in interpreting the signs and meanings poured out by the designer in his work. The concept of the creation of three public service announcements is the study in this paper. Has the same concept in the effort to provide information, instructions and persuade the audience to re-view nature as an ecosystem that must be preserved and maintained, even though it uses different idioms
Eksplorasi Nilai Tradisi pada Konsep Desain Kaos Gandrung Lombok Sasih Gunalan; Susi Handayani; Haryono Haryono; I Nyoman Miyarta Yasa
Jurnal SASAK : Desain Visual dan Komunikasi Vol 3 No 2 (2021): SASAK
Publisher : Universitas Bumigora

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ABSTRACTThe development of t-shirt design in this decade cannot be separated from how the development and cultural identity in which the design work is presented. Design exploration with a combination of locality values ​​has become an important issue for design products in several t-shirt outlets in Lombok, one of which is Gandrung Lombok. The concept of regional culture became the thematic for the Gandrung Lombok t-shirt design, in addition to other themes. The purpose of this study is focuse on exploring the value of tradition in the concept of Gandrung Lombok t-shirt design as a representation of local cultural values ​​reflected in t-shirt design works on the market. This research uses naturalistic qualitative research methods, by extracting data with natural settings that occur in the field. In this study, findings can befound in the form of Gandrung Lombok designers, who have a strong awareness of making local cultural identities the subject matter of their t-shirt design works in the market. There is an exploration of concepts and ideas in every existing t-shirt design. The exploration in question is changed in two patterns, namely deformation (addition) and stylization (reduction) of shape with a mix of pop colors. Some of the thematics in the design of the Gandrung Lombok t-shirt are, sasak flute blower, drum beleq, songket weaving motifs and mask craft designs. Overall, the elements and ideas for creating the Gandrung Lombok t-shirt design with the theme of tradition are rooted in local activities and culture, namely Lombok culture.
Komunikasi Estetik Dalam Visual Lukisan Karya I Wayan Pengsong I Nyoman Subudiartha; Sasih Gunalan; Susi Handayani
Sadharananikarana: Jurnal Ilmiah Komunikasi Hindu Vol 3 No 2 (2021)
Publisher : Program Studi Magister S2 Ilmu Komunikasi Hindu Institut Agama Hindu Negeri Gde Pudja Mataram

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The occurrence of dialogue between artists, works of art, and devotees, makes works of art become an important medium in a communication process. The communication process that occurs in the activity of interpreting works of art is called aesthetic communication. The term aesthetic communication is an option in the activity of interpreting the use of a work of art. Although a work of art is a personal expression of every artist, after the work is born, it will become a form that is ready to be enjoyed by the art public. To capture the value contained in existing works of art, the aesthetic communication process is very important, as we can see in I Wayan Pengsong's painting. One of the strengths of Pengsong's painting lies in his efforts to build and record various aspects of the culture on the island of Lombok as the subject matter of his work. The aesthetic communication process in Pengsong's painting is in the process of using the cultural and visual values ​​that exist in the artist's work, which is presented in a work. The process of meaning that exists in Pengsong's works is handed back to all appreciation in an effort to interpret and give meaning to these works, based on various aspects of the process of interpreting the works of art.