Dey Ravena
Faculty Of Law, Postgraduate Masters & Doctoral Program, Islamic University of Bandung

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Sexual Needs Of Indonesian Prisoners In The Aim Of Punishment Perspective Chepi Ali Firman; Dey Ravena; Dwidja Priyatno; Emaliawati Emaliawati; Aji Mulyana
MIMBAR (Jurnal Sosial dan Pembangunan) Volume 38, No. 1, (June, 2022) [Accredited Sinta 2] No 10/E/KPT/2019]
Publisher : Universitas Islam Bandung

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Biological needs are primary needs for everyone. Likewise, he is an ordinary human being who has the right to biological needs, which requires more attention from the government in terms of regulations or policies that regulate the needs of a biologist.The first problem is regarding government policies related to prisoners’ sexual needs. The second one is the fulfilment of sexual needs in the perspective of the aim of punishment. This research method uses a normative juridical method, namely by analyzing the data qualitatively, meaning that the data obtained which leads to a theoretical study in the form of principles, legal doctrines and the contents of legal rules are first described systematically. This policy regarding imprisonment is still the alternative that is most often applied by law enforcers, which results in correctional institutions becoming over-capacity/overcrowded so that the sentencing process is not optimal, one of which is regarding the fulfillment of biological rights and creates a sense of lack of justice in it, in order to achieve a social policies, criminal policies, and law enforcement policies that are optimal and just, must be oriented to the aspired values. So the policy needs synergy between law enforcement officials and the community, for the sake of realizing justice.