Indonesian Journal of Clinical Pathology and Medical Laboratory (IJCPML)
Vol 20, No 2 (2014)


St Khaerunnisa (Unknown)
Sutji Kuswarini (Unknown)
Suhartati Suhartati (Unknown)
Lina Lukitasari (Unknown)
Ira Humairah (Unknown)
Reza Arta BN (Unknown)
Gwenny IP (Unknown)

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22 Mar 2018


Oxidative stress has been considered as a mechanism involved in the pathogenesis and progression of many diseases such as:hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis. The objective of this current study was to know the potential antioxidant role of ethanol andethyl acetate extract of reeds (Imperata cylindrica) by investigation in rats fed with a high-cholesterol diet. Imperata cylindrica is richin antioxidants and has a cholesterol-reducing effect. A group of twenty four male albino Wistar rats was divided into four subgroups: anormal diet group (K0), a high-cholesterol diet group (K1), the same diet with ethanol extract of Imperata cylindrica group (K2), and thesimilar diet with ethyl acetate fraction of Imperata cylindrica group (K3),. After the treatment period, the hepatic antioxidant enzymeactivity (Superoxide dismutase/SOD) was determined. The rats fed on high-cholesterol diet with supplementation exhibited a significantelevation in SOD activity (p<0. 05), 61.6±12.4% inhibition, compared to normal animals 37.44±12.2%. The treated animals withethanol and ethyl acetate extract of Imperata cylindrica showed a significantly reduced the level of SOD activity (p<0.05, 29.90±5.6%as well as a 33.49±7.4% inhibition). The level of SOD activity when restored was closer to that in normal animals, signifying reversalof the oxidative stress. The study results showed that the treatment with Imperata cylindrica positively changed the hepatic antioxidantenzyme activities in high fat-diet rats, and thus had potential hypocholesterolemic and antioxidant effects. Imperata cylindrica couldprotect against oxidative stress linked to atherosclerosis and also decrease the atherogenic index.

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