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Desain Aplikasi Penjualan dan Pembelian pada Perusahaan Dagang Santoso, Rudi Edi; Kastaman, Kastaman; Sukmawati, Fitri
JURNAL TELEMATIKA 2018: Industrial Engineering Seminar and Call for Paper (IESC) 2018
Publisher : Institut Teknologi Harapan Bangsa

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The calculation of the purchase and sale of the goods in a trading company is a very important thing in running business processes. In this paper, case study which is the object of research is in the bakery. This becomes very important because of the calculation that's known stock of goods and end its profits loss a store. However, many difficulties occur namely slowness of calculation and logging goods sales because the calculation is done using the calculator, the recording of sales still Use the notes as evidence of cash sales, check out their inventory the items to be sold. Often an error occurred determining inventory and delays in the creation of income statements and cash flow statement of operating activity, the difficulty of finding the transaction data at the time of purchase and sale. To overcome these problems, it is necessary to develop application design using the system development method used is the method of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with the waterfall model and designed with object-oriented methods. This design is able to handle the recording of purchases and sales. Perhitungan pembelian dan penjualan barang pada sebuah perusahaan dagang merupakan hal yang sangat penting dalam menjalankan proses bisnis. Dalam paper ini studi kasus yang menjadi objek penelitian adalah di toko kue dan roti. Hal ini menjadi sangat penting karena dari hasil perhitungan itulah dapat diketahui stok akhir dari barang dan rugi labanya suatu toko tersebut. Namun, terjadi banyak kesulitan yaitu lambatnya perhitungan dan pendataan penjualan barang karena perhitungan yang dilakukan masih menggunakan kalkulator, pencatatan penjualan masih menggunakan nota sebagai bukti penjualan tunai, dan mengecek persediaan barang yang akan dijual. Sering terjadi kesalahan dalam menentukan persediaan dan keterlambatan dalam pembuatan laporan laba rugi serta laporan arus kas aktivitas operasi, sulitnya mencari data-data transaksi pada saat pembelian dan penjualan. Untuk mengatasi permasalahan tersebut maka perlu dikembangkan desain aplikasi dengan menggunakan metode pengembangan sistem. Metode pengembangan sistem yang digunakan adalah metode Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) dengan model waterfall dan dirancang dengan metode berorientasi objek. Rancangan ini mampu menangani pencatatan pembelian dan penjualan.
Dissemination Application for Early Warning in a Community Fahrudin, Tora; Kastaman, Kastaman
IJAIT (International Journal of Applied Information Technology) Vol 3 No 02 (2019)
Publisher : School of Applied Science, Telkom University

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The development of sensor technology for early warning at an affordable price makes it possible to be implemented in the community. Therefore, an application is needed to send this early warning information to community members and warning response centers in real-time by considering the distance from the location of the incident. So, in this research, we proposed a dissemination application for early warning in a community (DissApps). The application was build using Code Igniter Framework, MySQL database, Mapquests, and Wablas API. This application can be used for disseminating emergency response situations such as thievery, a natural disaster such as earthquake, flood, forest fire.