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Tekhnik Eco Print Ramah Lingkungan Berbasis Ekonomis Kreatif Dalam Upaya Menciptakan SDM Masyarakat Mandiri Pasca Pandemi/COVID 19 Untuk Anggota Pimpinan Ranting Aisyiyah (PRA) Desa Karang Cegak Kecamatan Sumbang Kabupaten Banyumas Ine Kusuma Aryani; Beny Wijarnako; Ristiana Dyah Purwandari
Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Vol 3 No 1 (2022): Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat
Publisher : LP2M Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis Asia Malang

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Indonesia menghadapi Kelemahan sekaligus Tantangan yang sangat besar “Chaos” pasca pandemic/Covid 19, perekonomian yang menjadi lesu karena harus dirumahkan banyak pekerja, mencari pekerjaan yang semakin sulit, masuknya tenaga asing, modal kerja kurang sehingga masyarakat menjadi tamu di negerinya sendiri, lemah tak berdaya, kebingungan menghadapi masa depan, namun disisi lain Indonesia memiliki kekuatan dan peluang yakni sumber daya alam yang melimpah yang dapat diolah sebagai secara mandiri mata pencaharian ramah lingkungan, ekonomis dan kreatif. Bagaimana praktik dasar eco print ramah lingkungan dilaksanakan? Bagaimana hasil pelatihan praktik dasar eco print ramah lingkungan. Solusi yang ditawarkan adalah melalui pelatihan teknik dasar dan menengah ecoprinting ini adalah:Mengurangi pengangguran dengan melalukan wirausaha ecoprinting; Memberdayakan sumber daya alam ramah lingkungan dan sumber daya manusia yang tidak memiliki pencaharian; Suasana melakukan pekerjaan yang menyenangkan, inovatif dan kreatis dan bernilai ekonomis; Menumbuhkan minat ekonomi yang lebih aktif dan kreatif.
Mencari Pembiayaan Pendidikan dengan Mengaplikasikan SD-Preneur Wakhudin; Beny Wijarnako; Cahyono Purbomartono
Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Bestari Vol. 1 No. 2 (2022): May 2022

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This community service aims to find solutions to the financing difficulties faced by education units, especially in primary schools. Building SD-Preneur is expected to be the answer, so that schools have financial flexibility in carrying out school programs. The service method begins with the socialization of SD-Preneur, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. SD-Preneur, which started at SD Muhammadiyah Cipete, Cilongok, Banyumas, Central Java, February 4, 2022, raised the spirit of entrepreneurship comprehensively, by dividing the school into two rooms: a non-profit education room and a business room. With SD-Preneur, SD Muhammadiyah Cipete does not only rely on education financing from students, but from businesses such as catering, textile products, and even from banking.
Transcendental Communication in Indigenous Peoples, Case Study of Kuncen's Trasendental Communication Function With Banokeling Spirits for Banokeling Indigenous Communities Beny Wijarnako; Ana Andriani; Asih Ernawati
Proceedings Series on Social Sciences & Humanities Vol. 8 (2023): Proceeding International Seminar 2022 E-Learning Implementation in Malaysia and Indon
Publisher : UM Purwokerto Press

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Examining the existence of traditional leadership can reveal a cultural bias related to irrational human actions related to super­natural beings, which are goal-oriented to meet the needs of their members. The cult of Eyang Banokeling is so strong in the Banokeling indigenous community, although Eyang Banokeling has long since died but the spirits that reside in the sacred burial placed in the Kedaton area are still strongly felt today, the Kedaton area is also a center of transcendental communication of the successor kuncens who are related to the spirits of Eyang Banokeling in fulfilling all the celebrations of this indigenous community, as well as the existence of Kyai Kuncen as a liaison for the spirits of Eyang Banokeling as well as the presence of The Banokeling Spirits as well as the presence of Kyai Kuncen as a liaison for the spirits of Eyang Banokeling as well as the liaison of the spirits of Eyang Banokeling as well as as indigenous leaders means a lot in this indigenous community. This study will try to examine the meaning of transcendental communication carried out by Kyai Kuncen for the indigenous people of Banokeling. The research was conducted with a qualitative approach using the case study method, which focuses attention on one particular object raised as a case. In the case study method, facts are achieved through the assess­ment of the connectedness of evidence from several data sources at once, namely documents, recordings, observations, open interviews, focused interviews, structured interviews and field surveys, so that the true meaning of Kyai Kuncen's transcendental communication function with the spirit of Eyang Banokeling is revealed for the Banokeling Indigenous Community.
Local Wisdom of Kampunglaut Community Facing Flood Disaster Rob Ana Andriani; Beny Wijarnako; Wakhudin Wakhudin; Agung Nugroho
Proceedings Series on Social Sciences & Humanities Vol. 8 (2023): Proceeding International Seminar 2022 E-Learning Implementation in Malaysia and Indon
Publisher : UM Purwokerto Press

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The existence of the community cannot be separated from the natural environment, where they have lived for generations. Through a long process of adaptation to the natural environment, people really understand their ecological environment, so they treat their ecological environment intelligently. The universe is not only a source of exploitation, but as a common house that is continuously protected, cared for and arranged. The natural environment they live in is sometimes considered to be unusual and dangerous, but in reality, these communities do not feel worried because they live modestly with their natural environment. Ecological intelligence forges humans to organize their emotions, thoughts and actions in responding to the universe. Ecological intelligence is expressed in the form of real attitudes and behaviors that take into account ecological capacities, and give birth to a wise human attitude towards nature. Basically, case study research focuses attention on one particular object that is appointed as a case to be studied in depth so that it is able to uncover the reality behind the phenomenon. As is the case in the traditional wisdom of the people of Ujunggagak Village, Kampunglaut District, Cilacap Regency, Central Java which is formed from many activities, components or units that are interrelated and form certain functions. The case study method in this research is very appropriate to be able to uncover the mistigation of tidal flooding in Ujunggagak Village. The focus of case studies is the specification of cases in an event, including individuals, cultural groups or portraits of life, so that they can reveal forms of local wisdom that have the value of tidal flood disaster mitigation and freshwater crises.
Ekalaya: Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat Indonesia Vol. 2 No. 1 (2023): Ekalaya Journal
Publisher : Nindikayla Institute

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Admission of New Students (PPDB) in primary and secondary education units continues to experience dynamics. Contestation among schools, especially non-favorites, in getting new students is often colored by gratification. In order to apply to the school, the school provides a stimulus by providing uniforms, shoes, bags, stationery and so on. This mode is the most basic gratification exercise. In fact, Permendikbud No. 1 of 2021 concerning the Admission of New Students (PPDB) Chapter II concerning Procedures for Accepting New Students Article 2 paragraph (1) states, PPDB is implemented objectively, transparently, and accountably. Education units have many options in marketing education, avoiding a variety of commendable action options. The best option is to improve the quality of educational services starting from the management of marketing services. The quality of RATER services (reliability, assurance, tangible, empathy, and responsiveness) is expected to be a solution to the increasingly tough competition in PPDB, especially when the world community enters the era of industrial revolution 4.0. Among educational marketing management, social media-based educational marketing is the hottest option. Because, social media today is increasingly dominant to be a part of the lives of all generations, from the older, middle generation, let alone the millennial generation.  The best improvement of educational services is to improve the quality of educators. Teachers are the key role in whether or not education services are qualified. No matter how good the curriculum is, if the educator's services in the education unit are of low quality, then the education services remain low. On the contrary, no matter how bad the curriculum is, if the teachers who teach are of high quality, then the quality of educational services is high. Ideally, the best educational services start from a quality concept, are implemented by qualified educators, and are managed using services that are reliable, guaranteed, real, empathetic, and responsive to various phenomena that occur, especially for students. Quality educators who are managed with school-based management that is also qualified make the school an ideal place for learning for students. This kind of education unit is what parents are looking for to entrust their children to study at school. By improving the quality of schools plus a social media-based marketing system, it is the best way to win the competition for the admission of new students elegantly