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Journal : International Journal of Engineering, Science and Information Technology

Expert System for Diagnosis of Uterine Myomas using the Certainty Factor Method Syahrizal Dwi Putra; M Bahrul Ulum; Diah Aryani
International Journal of Engineering, Science and Information Technology Vol 1, No 4 (2021)
Publisher : Master Program of Information Technology, Universitas Malikussaleh, Aceh Utara, Indonesia

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An expert system which is part of artificial intelligence is a computer system that is able to imitate the reasoning of an expert with certain expertise. An expert system in the form of software can replace the role of an expert (human) in the decision-making process based on the symptoms given to a certain level of certainty. This study raises the problem that many women experience, namely not understanding that they have uterine myomas. Many women do not understand and are not aware that there are already symptoms that are felt and these symptoms are symptoms of the presence of uterine myomas in their bodies. Therefore, it is necessary for women to be able to diagnose independently so that they can take treatment as quickly as possible. In this study, the expert will first provide the expert CF values. Then the user / respondent gives an assessment of his condition with the CF User values. In the end, the values obtained from these two factors will be processed using the certainty factor formula. Users must provide answers to all questions given by the system in accordance with their current conditions. After all the conditions asked are answered, the system will display the results to identify that the user is suffering from uterine myoma disease or not. The Expert System with the certainty factor method was tested with a patient who entered the symptoms experienced and got the percentage of confidence in uterine myomas/fibroids of 98.70%. These results indicate that an expert system with the certainty factor method can be used to assist in diagnosing uterine myomas as early as possible.