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PEMBERDAYAAN MASYARAKAT SENTRA MEBEL PEMKOT PASURUAN DENGAN POLINEMA TAHUN 2019 Suselo Utoyo; Mohammad Abdullah Anshori; Luchis Rubianto; Ayu Sulasari; Noverita Wahyuningsih
Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat (J-ABDIMAS) Vol 6 No 2 (2019): Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat 2019
Publisher : Publisher UPT P2M Politeknik Negeri Malang

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Furniture from Pasuruan city especially Bukir sub-district Gadingrejo has long been known by the people of East Java with a cheap image and many choices. Related to cheap labor costs due to high price competition and mutually deadening among furniture craftsmen. The furniture craftsmen have not been able to manage marketing properly and establish good networking. Furniture manufacturing centers are spread across 8 sub-districts with 3,458 craftsmen. The craftsmen only make important items that are sold, without seeing whether the quality of the production is good or not. This condition makes the furniture industry not develop despite having skilled human resources in making furniture, so that the welfare of the furniture craftsmen cannot be lifted.The problems found were 1) the low work motivation of Bukir Pasuruan furniture craftsmen, 2) lack of knowledge about financial management, 3) poor management of marketing distribution and marketing networks. The solutions offered for the existing problems are as follows: 1) provide motivation and empowerment training for SMEs, 2) provide Financial Life Skill (FLS) training as an effort to improve financial management, 3) Business Model Canvas (BMC) training to identify nine supporting elements of development business, 4) providing business assistance and utilizing wood waste as a by-product.
Deteksi Fertilitas Telur Burung Lovebird Berbasis Smartphone Anugerah Satria Putra Pratama; Mohammad Abdullah Anshori; Hadiwiyatno Hadiwiyatno
Jurnal Jaringan Telekomunikasi Vol 11 No 2 (2021): Vol. 11 No 02 (2021) : Juni 2021
Publisher : Politeknik Negeri Malang

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Birds are animals that are very much favored by the community. Currently, lovebirds is popular to be kept and even bred, because the cost of maintenance is cheap and the opportunity to raise it is very good and promising. So that many people are interested in pursuing lovebird livestock business even though breeding is neither easy nor difficult. The reseach purpose was to create monitoring system for the quality of lovebird eggs to be declared hatchable and unable to hatch by utilizing conveyor machines, infrared sensors, LDR sensors and servo motors. All these components are connected to smartphone via mcu node. The captured data is sent to firebase and monitored on the smartphone. The data includes the number of fertile and infertile eggs, and the eggs resistance value scanned by the LDR sensor. The system implementation is done by placing sample of lovebird eggs on conveyor machine and then testing it one by one, then the resistance value is displayed on the smartphone, then the average value is calculated, and the percentage of the sensor is successful in reading the egg condition. The results of testing on lovebird eggs produced 2 conditions, fertile and infertilee. If the resistance value is > 505ohm then the egg is declared fertile and it’s declared invert if resistance value is < 505ohm. In distance testing, the most accurate distance is 1-24cm, the sensor cannot work accurately if the distance between eggs shorter, because the sensor takes time to return to the initial scan mode.
Implementasi Manajemen Bandwidth VoIP Pada IP-PBX Menggunakan Routerboard di Jaringan Intranet Nadhirotun Maulidiyah; Martono Dwi Atmadja; Mohammad Abdullah Anshori
Jurnal Jaringan Telekomunikasi Vol 10 No 4 (2020): Vol 10 No 04 (2020) : Desember 2020
Publisher : Politeknik Negeri Malang

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The growing number of internet applications and their users can affect the quality of the internet, each application has different traffic needs. In addition, bandwidth management can also lend bandwidth that has been allocated in accordance with its priorities in order to optimize existing bandwidth usage. Regulating and limiting internet bandwidth usage is indeed an important thing when our internet connection is limited. We need to limit the bandwidth quota of each user connected to the Mikrotik Router. In Mikrotik Router itself, there are features that can limit bandwidth, namely simple queue and queue tree. In the use of VoIP services, bandwidth management is required to manage traffic on the network, the appropriate bandwidth settings can optimize the speed of data transmission. Looking at the internet needs, this research designs an implementation of bandwidth management using routerboard, which will be applied to IP-PBX and use raspberry pi as a server. The results of the research on bandwidth management implementation in simple queue and queue tree is each able to serve 6 users with PCMU codecs, from the test obtained packet loss value of 0.00% from 3 clients, and jitter has an average value of 167.37% from 3 clients.