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Jurnal Nasional Ilmu Komputer Vol. 1 No. 4 (2020): Jurnal Nasional Ilmu Komputer
Publisher : Training and Research Institute Jeramba Ilmu Sukses (TRI - JIS)

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The Social Service Office of Palembang City is a government institution that is responsible for carrying out development in the field of social welfare, which covers all programs and activities that are intended to realize, foster and maintain, restore and develop social welfare carried out together as the responsibility of the government and society. In conducting data processing to determine the capable and underprivileged people as recipients of the Healthy Indonesia Card (KIS) with a process that takes a long time, given the large number of population data to be selected, especially in the city of Palembang. Then it can be raised into the research, namely "Implementation of Data Mining for Healthy Indonesia Cards for the Underprivileged Community Using the Clustering Method". Dinas Sosial Kota Palembang merupakan lembaga pemerintahan yang bertanggung jawab melaksanakan pembangunan di bidang kesejahtraan sosial, yang mencakup semua upaya program dan kegiataan yang ditunjukan untuk mewujudkan, membina dan memelihara, memulihkan dan mengembangkan kesejahtraan sosial yang dilaksanakan bersama sebagai tanggung jawab pemerintah dan masyarakat. Dalam melakukan pengolahan data untuk menentukan masyarakat mampu dan kurang mampu sebagai penerima Kartu Indonesia Sehat (KIS) dengan proses yang membutuhkan waktu yang cukup lama, mengingat banyaknya jumlah data penduduk yang akan diseleksi, khususnya diwilayah Kota Palembang. Maka dapat diangkat ke dalam penelitian yaitu “Implementasi Data Mining untuk Kartu Indonesia Sehat Bagi Masyarakat Kurang Mampu Menggunakan Metode Clustering”.
Program Diet Berdasarkan Jenis Olahraga Berbasis Android Ketut Wijaya Kusuma; Fatoni Fatoni; Hadi Syaputra
Journal of Software Engineering Ampera Vol. 1 No. 1 (2020): Journal of Software Engineering Ampera

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Sports is one of the physical activities that are good for health and fitness. By exercising, we can minimize the risk of developing disease. By exercising too, we can lose weight, keep our body weight stable and ideal, and many other benefits of exercise. Today, sports are carried out not only to lose weight or maintain health, but also as a means of recreation to channel hobbies as well as a profession. The problem now is that diet programs are still done manually and are not chosen properly, making it difficult for sportsmen to be able to undergo a diet program effectively because it is not in accordance with the type of exercise they are struggling with. Then an application is needed that can guide them to accompany an Android-based diet program
Sistem Informasi Pengajuan Cuti dan Izin Berbasis Web Fatoni Fatoni; Dony Wahyu Isprananda; Ahmad Syazili
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer) Vol 9, No 1 (2020): MARET
Publisher : ISB Atma Luhur

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Bina Darma University is an educational institution that has the obligation to provide leave rights for its employees and lecturers. For the process of implementing, managing, calculating, replacing leave will be the task of the Directorate of Human Resources (DSDM). DSDM has provisions regarding rules for granting leave or permission not to work. Employees and lecturers who will apply for leave must submit the application in writing using the leave application form. The application of this manual method has several weaknesses, namely lack of efficiency, takes a long time because it has not been computerized. Also less effective in the work process, because of the many uses of paper so difficult to control the approval of the application especially if the applicant and the approver is not in the workplace location. Based on these conditions a system is needed to assist in the regulation of leave and permit applications for employees and lecturers. The method used in developing this system is the Rapid Application Development (RAD) method. There are three phases in RAD namely planning, design workshops and implementation.
Pelatihan uji kegunaan website menggunakan System Usability Scale (SUS) Rahmat Novrianda Dasmen; Fatoni Fatoni; Alek Wijaya; Baibul Tujni; Sarita Nabila
ABSYARA: Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masayarakat Vol 2, No 2 (2021): ABSYARA: Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat
Publisher : Universitas Hamzanwadi

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System Usability Scale (SUS) is a usability testing technique for a simple system using a Likert scale. Testing and usability analysis assess user satisfaction with the system or web. So, the purpose of this service activity is to train website usability testing with SUS, using the Dukcapil website as a test object. Dukcapil's website will be analyzed for its usability level as a real case for direct practice. In SUS, ten statements are used as parameters in assessing the usability of a website. This activity was attended by 20 people, including Bina Darma University students, vocational students, and IT staff from the Dukcapil Palembang City. The usability analysis of this website aims to assess how well user interaction with the website is going. Then, the results of this assessment and study produce an input as a reference for website development to be more optimal in the future. In testing the usefulness of the Dukcapil website in this PKM activity, it can be seen that the SUS score is at a score of 56.125, with the category Acceptable. Therefore, it shows that the Dukcapil website is ranked F, with a "Good" rating category. The training results show that the Dukcapil website is still very rarely accessed by users. Because it provides information lacking in updates, the features used are still in beta version (still in the testing phase). Users or participants still do not understand how to use it. In addition, this activity provides participants with an understanding of the website usability test using the SUS model
Implementasi Metode Extreme Programming dalam Pengembangan Sistem Informasi Izin Produk Makanan Fatoni Fatoni; Dedi Irawan
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer) Vol 8, No 2 (2019): SEPTEMBER
Publisher : ISB Atma Luhur

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Banyaknya produk makanan yang beredar baik yang diproduksi oleh perusahaan skala nasional maupun lokal serta produk makanan yang diproduksi secara illegal menimbulkan permasalahan tersendiri. Salah satu permasalahan yang muncul yaitu kemampuan masyarakat dalam memilih produk makanan yang baik atau berizin untuk diedarkan sebagai pemenuhan kebutuhan. Untuk itu didalam peneltian ini dilakukan pengembangan sistem informasi izin produk makanan yang dapat digunakan masyarakat dalam mencari informasi sebuah produk makanan. Didalam proses pengembangan sistem informasi digunakan extreme programming sebagai metode pengembangan dengan tahapaneksplorasi, perencanaan, iterasi pengembangan, produksi, dan pemeliharaan. Dari hasil penelitian menujukkan bawah metode extreme programming mampu menghasilkan sistem infomrasi yang dapat berfungsi secara baik yang ditunjukkan dari hasil pengujian
Arsitektur Sistem Informasi Akademik Perguruan Tinggi Swasta Menggunakan EAP Fatoni Fatoni; Edi Supratman; Darius Antoni
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer) Vol 10, No 1 (2021): MARCH
Publisher : ISB Atma Luhur

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Universities in Indonesia already have academic information systems. This university in developing its academic information system is carried out individually according to conditions and needs. Currently there are no guidelines in providing direction for the planning, development, implementation and service of academic information systems based on information and communication technology in universities. In addition to this, it is based on the planning and development of an academic information system which is what will be planned and developed and how its development guidelines are not yet available. The purpose of this study is to provide guidance in building academic information systems at private universities that can be applied in South Sumatra Province. This goal needs to be done because in general the academic information system business processes and services as well as the need for information in each university have in common namely the acceptance of new students, academic management and academic release. The result of the research is an academic information system architecture as a guideline in planning the development of an academic information system according to the conditions of private universities in South Sumatra Province. This study uses the EAP method with the steps of activities including planning initiation, business modeling and survey of current institutions, systems and technologies, data architecture and application architecture. The results of this study are a guide in building a system in the form of an academic information system architecture that can be applied to private universities in Indonesia especially South Sumatra Province.This study uses the EAP / Enterprise Architecture Planning method with activity steps including planning initiation, business modeling and institutional surveys, current systems and technology, data architecture and application architecture.
Pemodelan dan Implementasi Perangkat Lunak Berbasis Mobile pada Bina Darma TV Ahmad Syazili; Fatoni Fatoni; Ramadhan Sutejo
JISKA (Jurnal Informatika Sunan Kalijaga) Vol. 3 No. 3 (2019): Januari 2019
Publisher : UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta

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Bina Darma University as an educational institution in the city of Palembang. faithfully the activities carried out can be known by the community so that it has a broad impact value. For this reason, the media is one way to do this, because it has a broad reach. One type of effective media that should be used is television. However, the current television media must be accessible and witnessed on various devices in order to achieve the media's goal of disseminating information and ultimately having a wide impact on society. For this reason, in this research modeling and implementation of mobile-based applications is carried out as a step to expand the reach of information dissemination. The types of modeling used is visual modeling with a unified modeling language consisting of structure diagram, behavior diagram, and interaction diagram. The results of the modeling have been implemented in the form of the Bina Darma TV application with two types of users namely the Bina Darma TV as an administrator and the community. The main features of the Bina Darma TV application produced are live streaming, live broadcasting, and video on demand.Universitas Bina Darma sebagai sebuah lembaga pendidikan di Kota Palembang menginginkan apa yang dilakukan dan yang dikerjakan dapat diketahui oleh masyarakat agar memiliki nilai dampak yang luas. Untuk itu media menjadi salah satu cara untuk melakukan hal tersebut, karena memiliki jangkauan yang luas. Salah satu jenis media yang efektif yang patut digunakan yaitu media televisi. Namun media televisi saat ini harus dapat diakses dan disaksikan di berbagai perangkat agar tercapainya tujuan media yaitu penyebaran informasi dan pada akhirnya memiliki dampak yang luas di tengah masyarakat. Untuk itu di dalam penelitian ini dilakukan pemodelan dan implementasi aplikasi berbasis mobile sebagai langkah perluasan jangkauan penyebaran informasi. Dalam melakukan pemodelan digunakan pemodelan visual dengan unified modeling language yang terdiri dari structure diagram, behavior diagram, dan interaction diagram. Hasil pemodelan telah dilakukan implementasi ke dalam bentuk aplikasi Bina Darma TV dengan dua jenis pengguna yaitu pihak Bina Darma TV sebagai administrator dan masyarakat. Fitur utama dari aplikasi Bina Darma TV yang dihasilkan yaitu live streaming, live broadcasting, dan video on demand.
Implementation of Android-Based Vehicle Tracking System in Trac Astra Rent A Car Palembang Irman Effendy; Fatoni Fatoni
Journal of Information System and Informatics Vol 2 No 1 (2020): Journal of Information Systems and Informatics
Publisher : Universitas Bina Darma

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TRAC Astra Rent A Car is a leading car rental service provider in Indonesia, which also has a branch in the city of Palembang. Starting with only 5 units of vehicles, now PT. TRAC Astra Rent A Car rental car into a business unit that has more than 12,000 vehicles operating in more than 1,500 corporate customers segment. PT.TRAC help corporate customers improve efficiency in the transportation business and enable them to concentrate on their core business. Besides short-term car rental needs a safe and comfortable can be easily fulfilled because PT.TRAC location very easy to reach. With the development of information technology today, it would need to complete the management PT.TRAC which she rented vehicle with a tracking facility (tracking) the vehicle's location in real-time so that management can monitor the location where the vehicle which she rented was with the development of Android-Based Tracking system